Joy is a Shared Experience

When was the last time you felt really Happy?

I have recently learned that Happiness is an individual experience.

When was the last time you experienced true Joy?

Joy is a shared experience.

Every single thing that we think will make us happy, will, sooner or later, bring us suffering. Even if we have everything we think we want, one day that will go, just like everything else.

Whereas, the things that bring us joy are shared. Because they are shared, they last forever.

When I think about the things that have brought me joy, even now, I can feel my heart open and expand. Every time, I was doing something to contribute to other people’s lives.

Your greatest gift will be your ability to create and share joy with others this holiday season.

And as you share your love, your inner cup will be filled, too.

This holiday, I wish you happiness.

And more than that, I wish you joy,

Maren Nelson