Can You Say “No?”

Are you one of those people who has a hard time saying “no” to others?

Do you allow other people to speak or act disrespectfully to you?

We teach others how we want to be treated. If you don’t speak up and take care of yourself, you are showing the other person that their bad behavior is okay. You are not helping them by enabling them. You are adding to the problem.

I have found over the years that most people don’t understand what healthy boundaries are or how to communicate them to others.

Do you?

A good note to remember is: If it’s not right for me, it’s not right for anyone else either!

To communicate your boundaries in a healthy way, stick with talking about what you are feeling and what you want. Keep it simple.

Saying “no” clearly and responsibly can be the most loving thing you can do to support the people around you and yourself.

I guarantee the rewards are a win/win for everyone.

Check out Chapter 12 in my book, Ride the Emotional Wave, to learn more about healthy boundaries and how to create the kind of loving relationships you want.

Live your passion,

Maren Nelson

See Change as an Adventure!

Does change frighten you sometimes?

Have you ever wondered why?

Before birth, you lived in an environment where you had all of your needs met, simply floating in your small, little world. From there, your first, real change was birth.

For most people, birth was frightening and painful. It was quite literally life and death.

Later, you unconsciously associate any change with this early experience, and that fear can stop you, even though you don’t consciously remember your birth.

The unconscious, core belief that change is scary or painful can stop you from healing and evolving into the kind of person you want to be and having the life you want.

Let go of your resistance to the new and your fear of the unknown. Relax into the present moment where all things are possible.

Allow your rebirth to be an adventure filled with all the love, joy, abundance and fun that you deserve.

I encourage you to expand your horizons and your comfort zone and live your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson

Forgiveness Is Freedom!

While growing up in a religious family, I was taught that when we forgive others, it is for them.

However, after years of studying A Course In Miracles, and through my own life experiences, I have come to realize that forgiveness is freedom.

When you forgive others, you are doing it for yourself.

The other person may or may not have known they transgressed, according to your rules.

When you hold a grudge or resentment, notice how your body constricts.

Notice how your mind spins round and round with the story you created about the other person and how they wronged you.

Perhaps you even go so far as want to punish them for crossing you, and you attack.

Through your angry reaction, you have made yourself the warden, and they are your prisoner.

That is God’s responsibility, not yours!

In a way, you have set yourself up as God, the punisher.

It is a useless waste of time and energy.

Imagine what you could do with all of that if you weren’t putting it into negativity.

Is your life so boring that you need to create drama to feel alive?

Or are you afraid and that’s why you attack them before you think they will attack you?

There is another way!

When you do the work to release the negativity from your body and mind, you free yourself.

You become a light that reminds others of who they really are – Love.

Free yourself of the burden of unforgiveness and claim forgiveness for yourself!

Live your passion!

Maren Nelson

What You Focus On, You Empower!

In the past ten chaotic months, have you found it far too easy to get caught up in fear?

Or have you chosen to have a different experience?

You really do have a choice.

What you focus on, you empower,

  and what you embrace, you erase.

Your breath and your emotions are directly connected.

So if fear and worry have weighed heavily on your mind,

  remember to breathe in new life to release stress.

I am available to help you with online Breathwork sessions

 to bring you back into the present moment where all things are possible.

Also, I am starting a new online A Course in Miracles study group on Tuesday evenings at 7pm AZ time and would love to have you join us.

Contact me to learn more.

And remember your passion and live it!

Maren Nelson

Breathe Deeply to Release Stress!!

What is the first thing you do when you feel afraid?

  • You hold your breath!

What is the first thing you do when you feel strong and in your power?

  • You take a deep breath.

Breathing is a metaphor for how you live your life.

Many people breathe shallowly and don’t realize it. They may have breathed this way their entire lives.

When you hold your breath, you suppress fear, toxins and poisons which are pushed down into your body at a cellular level and remains there until you breathe that out.

  • Every time you catch yourself holding your breath, take a deep breath.
  • Train yourself to do this and allow the breath of life to open your lungs.
  • Feel life-force energy run through you. As you become present, the fear will begin to release.

This is one of the many simple techniques I share in my book, Ride the Emotional Wave: How to Create Wealth, Health and Love Through Emotional Mastery.

Check it out here on my website. I’d love to share this powerful information so you can help yourself emotionally.

Remember to use your Life Breath to experience more energy, joy, abundance and love in this New Year.

Live your passion,

Maren Nelson

The Miracle of Love

Are you in need of a miracle this holiday season?

Have you thought about miracles you can share?

During this season of giving, create a space in your life for miracles.

The greatest miracle of all is the love that inspires them.

Guidance is always available for you to know how. You only need to ask.

Be a miracle worker.

 “I am here only to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent Him Who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what

  to do, because He Who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing

He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.” ~ACIM

And as always, live you passion,

Maren Nelson

Choose Love for the Holidays

Have you noticed when you have a breakthrough with your emotional healing and remember love, the people closest to you can feel it?

Others will be affected by your positive energy when you shift your perceptions from fear to love.

We are truly never healed alone!

Fear based perceptions and the feelings that follow from them, carry a very low vibration. You can feel the heaviness in your body. You feel constricted and closed off from the present moment and other people. They may sense your energy, and there’s a good chance they will feel repelled by it and pull away from you.

When you choose to heal emotionally and shift old, limiting perceptions from fear to love, the frequency of your emotions raise. You have more energy as this awakening increases your life-force. You feel open and receptive, and you see things more clearly. You are more present to life and trusting in the moment. Now you make healthier, more loving choices about how you choose to behave and live.

As we come into the holiday season, share your higher vibrations of love, peace, and joy with the world. When people experience your light, it will remind them of their own, and you will help others remember they can choose love too.

And as always, live your passion.

Maren Nelson

My Anger Weakens Me

Do you use anger as a defense?

Have you noticed when you use anger to try to protect or defend yourself how your energy drops?

Anger carries a much lower vibration or frequency than love.

You give your power to the person or thing you are angry with. Your focus and energy are being wasted on what you don’t want, instead of what you do.

Apologize where you need to and reclaim your power, your life-force. Feel it come back to you where it rightfully belongs.

If it is used properly, anger can be used as a motivating force and can help you move forward where you might not otherwise. However, if you choose to hold onto your anger as a reactive defense, you lose power.

Practice communicating more clearly what you feel and want from love.

Trust yourself that you can take care of yourself.

And always live your passion.

Maren Nelson

Breathe and Receive!

Have you found yourself more tired than normal after months of carrying stress?

Do you have a place and space that you can let yourself feel and express that pent up energy to clear it?

Sometimes people become desensitized to the emotional baggage and stuck energy they have been carrying for months, years, and even lifetimes. It’s exhausting, and they don’t even know they are still carrying it. It is blocking their ability to live life fully and freely. They don’t know they can let it go to truly live.

When you free up and clear that heavy burden of emotional stress, your clarity and creativity will open up, and your life-force energy will increase. You will be more present to life as you release the past and your fear-based perceptions and feelings.

Breathe, and receive the gift of life!

Contact me here for more information about private sessions for Breathwork, emotional coaching, and my Breathwork training – all online for now. I would love to share this transformational process to assist you in creating the life you want.

And, as always, remember your passion, and live it!

Maren Nelson

How to Use Emotions as Your Guide

How well do you know your emotions?

Have you tried to use them to help guide yourself in your life?

They can be your road signs to know what you should do in any situation.

When something happens and you feel a positive or negative charge in your body, that is your signal to pay attention. Your emotions are telling you what is right or wrong for you.

Really the only two emotions are love and fear. All of the other ones fall under one of these two categories.

Let’s say something happens and you have an emotional response to it. If that feeling comes under the category of love, such as joy, openness, lightness and oneness, you know you’re on the right track; this is something that resonates with your best self, which is love.

Go for it!

If you have an emotional response based in fear such anger, frustration, repulsion, and sadness, you know it is not in alignment with your highest good.

Take responsibility for your feelings and decide what you really want. Is it fear or love?

Instead of reacting from old wounds, act from a conscious place.

Let your emotions guide you.

That’s why they are there for you.

And remember to live your passion.

Maren Nelson