About Maren

My journey of self-improvement and personal growth began the year I turned 25, when I started to see the problems I was experiencing in my life involved more than the world “out there.”

My problems were also “in here.”

I felt like I was dying inside. It was clear something inside me needed to shift. I felt so desperate, I was willing to do anything to make my life better. I was willing to try to change myself, if that’s what it took.

In the early programs I joined, I felt myself open a little more each time and began to experience what it felt like to connect with my personal power.

Learning how to work with my Spirit Guides, I came to trust them and their guidance even before I learned to trust myself. They helped me to get clear about what I wanted – emotionally, mentally, financially, creatively, spiritually, and in all other areas of my life.

Then a friend told me about Breathwork. When he described the process to me and how it affected him, I knew I had to do this.

Three days later, I was in my first breath session. Massive grief and rage surfaced – which scared me, but my teacher guided me through and encouraged me to release as much of that pent-up emotional energy as possible.

Like so many people, I grew up in a household where I had been taught from day one to suppress many of my emotions. I was out of touch with my feelings, especially anger.

I saw it was no wonder I had so many problems – nearly all of them were generated by fears that ran my life without my being aware of them.

Halfway through that first session, I knew this was what I wanted for my career. I wholeheartedly committed to my growth and my deep desire to share what I was learning with other people.

Little did I know, this work would become a way of life for me. Nor did I know it would change my life forever.

Since then, not only can I recognize my own emotions, I often intuitively know what other people are feeling, even before they do.

I found my life purpose early on, thank God. And since 1987 I have had the joy and privilege of sharing what I’ve learned with others who want to live, not in a fearful and threatening world, but in a world that is loving, generous, and kind.

Uncovering negative, unconscious beliefs that began as misperceptions and releasing or shifting them, has brought me a deeper connection to life and love. I also enjoy better relationships, both personally and professionally.

Breathwork does just what it sounds like – it works with your breath, which is prana, your life-force energy.

Every time I do a Breathwork session on myself, I have more energy and feel more balanced emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

It is my passion and my joy to share what I’ve learned and to create a loving, non-judgmental space where others can break free of the negativity and limitations that plague them.

I have helped thousands of people over the years from all over the world to open their hearts, their minds, and their whole being to love.

These clients have included actors, housewives, musicians, students, teachers, ministers, professional therapists and healers, professional business men and women, and even children, teenagers, and young adults.

To give you a little background:

  • During 1987 to 1989 I was trained and certified as a Practitioner, Teacher and Master Teacher of Connected Breathing through the Inner Light Center.
  • Between 1991 and1994, I led large Group Breathwork Sessions of 40 to 90 people for The Gathering, a chiropractic seminar which met several times a year at different cities in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • In June 1995 I was ordained a Minister of Mind/Body Healing for the Association of the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP).
  • I owned and operated a holistic healing center focused on the Breathwork in Venice, California from 1995-2000. I offered private sessions, group workshops and trainings in Connected Breathing.
  • I published my first book, “Ride the Emotional Wave” in March of 2012.

My work with people includes:

  • Breathwork
  • Energy Work
  • Inner Child Work
  • Gestalt
  • Reframing
  • Visualizations

My Guides and my client’s Guides join us in the room while I’m working. It’s a team doing the healing, not just me. I work with the Guides very closely, and they pass on information to me to help my clients in our work together. They work with me during the Breathwork Sessions, the Guidance Sessions and Coaching that I offer. They love to help with the work.

I’ve studied A Course In Miracles since the Spring of 1988 and have taught many study groups over the years. One of the best ways to learn something, is to teach it. A Course In Miracles serves as the backbone of my work; if you choose to work with me, you will learn how it influences every service I offer, including my book, my blog, the Breathwork Sessions, the Guidance Sessions, and my Coaching Program.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you about your journey to Emotional Mastery. It would be an honor to share that journey with you.

With Love and Appreciation,

Maren Nelson