The Breathwork Training

CIMG0495The Breathwork Training is done one-on-one with Maren so that your program is individually designed to give you maximum support and guidance for your emotional healing and to learn the Connected Breathing process for yourself and others. The Breathwork Training is a three part process which includes:

Techniques you will learn:

  • How to do the Breathwork for yourself and others.
  • Processing tools to clear negative emotions, beliefs and behaviors; tools you’ll have for the rest of your life.
  • Hands on experience with the information and exercises laid out in “Ride the Emotional Wave.”
  • Understanding of the emotional healing process and what it takes to achieve Emotional Mastery
  • Hands on Energy Work and Visualizations for Healing
  • How to Manifest
  • Access and claim your Spiritual Purpose Statement.

Benefits of the Breathwork Training:

  • Learn Connected Breathing for yourself and others.
  • Forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Gain awareness of limiting beliefs and behaviors, both conscious and unconscious, along with exercises and visualizations to heal them
  • Clarity of your Spiritual Purpose
  • Clarity on what you want for you life and how to manifest it.
  • Your relationship to yourself and others improve. We are never healed alone
  • Gain a deeper connection to God (Love) and your own Inner Guidance System.

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Part 1 of the Breathwork Training for Connected Breathing is the Coaching for Emotional Mastery program. It focuses on your emotional healing process. “You can’t take someone through something you haven’t been through yourself.”

The Coaching for Emotional Mastery part of this Breathwork Training is the foundation for personal development and information concerning Life Breath Integration’s particular techniques for emotional clearing.

We will work for approximately Seven 2 Hour Sessions & One 3 Hour Session done by Zoom, Skype, phone or in person, according to both of our schedules.

Part 2: With the personal healing and tools you have gained through the first part of the program, you will now practice and gain hands-on experience with these tools by beginning to work with your own clients under Maren’s guidance

The Breathwork Training offers you the opportunity to learn Connected Breathing (Rebirthing) for yourself and possibly others. (Certifications must be received through The Certification Program before working with others.)

The breath is a powerful tool to use for clearing the body of negative energy caused from prescriptive/non- prescriptive drugs and other toxins along with suppressed emotions trapped within the body at a cellular level.

You will meet in-person with Maren for Four 4 Hour Sessions.

Part 3 of the Breathwork Training offers you 12 Private Connected Breathing sessions for your personal growth and emotional healing.

Eight of the 12 Breath Sessions will be done during the Coaching part of the Training. Four of the 12 sessions are included in the Four 4 hour sessions of the Connected Breath Training.

(Schedule to be decided by the student and Maren.)

One-on-one private training, will be scheduled at mutually convenient days and times.

We can meet weekly or twice a month – whichever works best for your schedule. You have up to six months to complete The Breathwork Training:

If you are ready to commit to deep-dish transformation that will improve every area of your life – physical, emotional, financial, mental, creative and spiritual – The Breathwork Training is for you!

It would be an honor to walk with you and discover your path to the life that has been calling to you.


With Love and Appreciation,

Maren Nelson

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*Connected Breath Practitioner Certifications are available upon completion of the Practitioner Certification Program for those who wish to go on to become certified for the opportunity to work with others.