You Really Can Heal!

Have you ever noticed that most people are wounded, little kids at heart?

We show each other our wounds, all the time, through our actions and behaviors.

You might ask: What causes people to do that?

Children are not really able to understand things rationally like an adult. That ability doesn’t come in until the right and left sides of the brain have separated enough, which is about the age of 7 of 8 years old. This is what specialists call the Age of Reason.

This means that children have experiences and feelings they don’t understand, and they tend to suppress them.

Most of us were taught to deny our bad experiences, and suppress the emotions that went with them. Sadly, this is what our parents learned from their parents, and their grandparents learned from theirs.

We think that the emotional energy will go away naturally, but it doesn’t. It gets trapped in our cells and the unconscious part of our mind.

Later in life, these weird beliefs and toxic energy spills over into our relationships, and limits our ability to produce effectively and to express our life purpose.

You may have noticed this for yourself.

After 35+ years of doing Breathwork on myself and others, I have found it to be one of the most powerful and rapid tools available to clear negativity from our bodies and minds. This was the reasons I made it my career, and I still do it regularly on myself to this day.

If you are willing to do the work to be happy to correct your mind of whatever makes you feel anything less than love, I encourage you to commit to your life, and go for it!

You really can heal.
Thank you,
Maren Nelson