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Love is authentic power. Any emotion that is not based in love is ALWAYS fear-based.

How can you tell whether you are living your life based on fear rather than love?

Fear has been dominating your life if you …

  • Struggle with stress, anxiety or worry
  • Struggle with past traumas and PTSD
  • Struggle with low energy or lack of purpose
  • Never seem to get ahead financially
  • Struggle with low-self esteem and self-love
  • Struggle in your relationships, your work, or your life
  • Keep attracting people who treat you badly
  • Have trouble feeling joy, love, sadness, or even anger
  • Consistently use anger to cover your fear or to control other people

Experiences like these show you’ve been stuck in a pattern – a painful, frustrating one that resists all your efforts to get out of it.

The good news is: Fear-based patterns like these can be changed, for real, in your very own life.

How? By healing the misperceptions and feelings that created these experiences, so you can start leading a life that fulfills you; including loving relationships, healthy finances, mental clarity and a peaceful heart.

New studies of the brain, as well as the findings of quantum physics, confirm that your feelings, as well as your thoughts, create your reality.

Just as water ebbs and flows, so do feelings. Sometimes you feel you can sail smoothly along with your emotions when they seem calm and serene. Other times you may feel tossed around or drowning in your emotions when they seem wild and out of control.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been taught to suppress your emotions from Day One: “Don’t cry.” “Don’t be too happy.” “Don’t feel too sad.”

Over the years, you may have grown emotionally numb from pushing down your feelings, over and over again.

Or, because you’ve been pushing down your feelings, they erupt at inappropriate moments with a violence that damages the relationships you cherish most.

Being out of touch with your emotions, or being too easily swept up in them, affects all of your professional and personal relationships (especially the intimate ones).

Out-of-control feelings also diminish your ability to be productive, prosperous, and creative.

When you learn to work with your emotions rather than fight them, that’s emotional mastery.

To deny or suppress your emotions is to deny the guidance system that lets you know what is right for you.

Just like the surfer, when you learn to ride the emotional wave, you come to understand how to work with your feelings and embrace them, instead of fighting them. The ride becomes an exhilarating experience that brings you excitement, joy and fun.

As you recognize the vital role emotions play in your life you may wonder:

  • “How can I heal my emotions?”
  •  “What can I expect when I heal emotionally?”
  • “How can I tell when I can heal myself, or will need someone to help me?”

The answers are here!

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