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Want More Energy?

When you have a moment, I’d like to do a visualization with you.

I’d like you to please close your eyes and picture something in your life that you love unconditionally like a baby, or a puppy or kitten. Go into the feeling and bring it up so that you feel it really strong.

Can you feel how open and light that energy is? Any emotion based in love carries a very high vibration. So, let that picture go.

Now, pull up another picture in your mind of something that brings up feelings of fear, like something that makes you feel angry, or that you hate. Now, bring up that feeling really strong.

Can you feel your energy constrict? Any feeling based in fear carries a low vibration. It feels heavier and denser than the high frequency of love.

Okay, let that picture go, and you can open your eyes.

So, what do you think happens when people suppress emotions?

That energy doesn’t go away. It gets pushed down into our bodies and trapped at a cellular level. Over time, that energy congests, and cuts off our life-force, causing stress, and eventually disease.

So, how do you clear a lifetime of suppressed energy that blocks you life-force?

How do you clear a those unconscious beliefs that prevent you from having the kind of life and relationships that you want?

Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools I have found that does both. By taking in prana or life-force energy on your breath, you can clear that blocked energy.

Free up your body, mind and life with the transformational power of the breath. I would love to support you.

Contact me for more information to learn more.

With gratitude,

Maren Nelson                                                                                                                                     

What Does Healing Mean?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does ‘healing’ mean?”

Healing means wholeness, or to make whole.

All healing is a correction and comes from a shift in perception.

Your perceptions become beliefs, and those beliefs run your life, for better or worse.

Very simply put, you can change your life, if you can change your beliefs.

So how do you heal those unconscious beliefs, the ones you can’t even see?

I’ve been doing Breathwork for decades and I still find it to be one of the most powerful techniques available to help you release and shift limiting beliefs and perceptions, even from your unconscious mind.

You can heal your mind and bring your perceptions and beliefs back to those based in love.

Contact me to experience the rejuvenating and transformative power of Breathwork.

Thank you,
Maren Nelson

You Really Can Heal!

Have you ever noticed that most people are wounded, little kids at heart?

We show each other our wounds, all the time, through our actions and behaviors.

You might ask: What causes people to do that?

Children are not really able to understand things rationally like an adult. That ability doesn’t come in until the right and left sides of the brain have separated enough, which is about the age of 7 of 8 years old. This is what specialists call the Age of Reason.

This means that children have experiences and feelings they don’t understand, and they tend to suppress them.

Most of us were taught to deny our bad experiences, and suppress the emotions that went with them. Sadly, this is what our parents learned from their parents, and their grandparents learned from theirs.

We think that the emotional energy will go away naturally, but it doesn’t. It gets trapped in our cells and the unconscious part of our mind.

Later in life, these weird beliefs and toxic energy spills over into our relationships, and limits our ability to produce effectively and to express our life purpose.

You may have noticed this for yourself.

After 35+ years of doing Breathwork on myself and others, I have found it to be one of the most powerful and rapid tools available to clear negativity from our bodies and minds. This was the reasons I made it my career, and I still do it regularly on myself to this day.

If you are willing to do the work to be happy to correct your mind of whatever makes you feel anything less than love, I encourage you to commit to your life, and go for it!

You really can heal.
Thank you,
Maren Nelson

Sharing the Love!

When you share love with others, both you and the receiver are blessed.

No one loses, and everyone wins.

The world and your ego will try to tell you that when you give to another person, you lose something and they gain it.

Someone is left with less, and the other person with more.

However, God and your authentic Self knows that your love will increase by sharing it.

When you hold back your love, through your judgments, it will gradually diminish as you close down to protect yourself, and you cannot receive the love that is available to you.

You limit yourself.

Keep your love alive and thriving this holiday season by sharing it, without conditions or expectations.

Give from your heart and feel it open even more as both you and the receiver are blessed.

And remember to live your passion,

Maren Nelson

Are You Taking Action or Stuck In the Complaint?

Have you noticed that some people seem to spend 80% of their time and energy telling you all the reasons they hate something, when it would take 20% of their energy to do something about it.

They blind themselves to the fact that if they just took that first step to say or do something to resolve the matter, it could be finished in no time.

Maybe the truth is: they love complaining. It gives them an excuse, outside of themselves, for not having what they really want.

It allows them to continue believing they are not responsible for their own happiness.

You may have seen this in your own life.

There is a very simple way to help yourself move out of this stagnant, procrastinating pattern.

Ask yourself the question, “Am I taking action, or am I stuck in the complaint?”

Be honest about what you want and what you are willing to do to have it, and take a step to make it happen, and then, another.

Use 100% of your energy for those things you love and that bring you joy.

And remember to live your passion.

Maren Nelson

Forgiveness Is Just the Beginning

Do you remember the movie with Brendan Fraser, “The Mummy,” when near the end, the mummy says, “Death is just the beginning?”

Well, I would like to add that forgiveness is also just the beginning.

Many people believe that when you forgive, you are done forever with whatever issue you were working to heal.

I am sorry to tell you, but that simply is not true.

Forgiveness is a life-changing step and a major one. You have released the other person and yourself from the mental prison you were in.

However, you still need to do the work to correct your mind of the unconscious, limiting beliefs that attracted this person or situation to you to begin with. Many of these fear based beliefs began in childhood and are not rational, yet they still run your life as an adult.

Take the next step beyond forgiveness to claim new life!

With honesty and self-compassion, you can unravel and correct those weird, irrational beliefs and replace them with loving ones that actually work for you now and bring you the life you truly want.

And while you are at it, I encourage you to live your passion!

Maren Nelson

You Know You Are in Your Ego When…

Over the 35 years I have studied and taught A Course In Miracles, I have had many people ask me questions about the ego. Here are a few common ones:

What is the ego?    

The ego is the belief in separation. This belief is literally insane (you are not in your right mind), and impossible. If you were separate from God and other people, you wouldn’t exist. You hurt yourself and others with this belief, and it’s not even real.

The truth is that we are ALL special in the eyes of God or Love, no greater or lesser than one another. (To me, God is Love. These words are synonymous.)

How do you know when you are in your ego?

  • You let fear dominate and control your life. In fact, anytime you react out of fear, you are in your ego. There is only love and fear; all other emotions stem from these two. (Of course, there are times you need fear to stop you from hurting yourself and others.)
  • You compare yourself to others, whether you try to set yourself up as better than them, or you believe you are lesser than them.
  • You try to figure out other people and their motives for why they do what they do.
  • You try to control other people and their lives.
  • You try to figure out your own dilemmas and problems, instead of asking the universe, God, and your Guides for guidance and help.
  • You need to be right.
  • You believe that what you do to other people, whether it is loving or hurtful, doesn’t affect you. It does. They are your mirrors.

The ego has creative and endless amounts of ways it tries to prove to you that you are separate, and therefore special, from everyone and everything. It is very clever about this. It may seem rational, but it never is. The ego can be very confusing, and makes no sense!

How do you know when you are NOT in your ego?

This one is simple: When you turn any situation or relationship over the Holy Spirit. The Course tells us that the first person to remember to do this is the most sane, or in their right mind.

Your true Self is Love and so much more brilliant than your ego can ever devise and try to make you think you are.

Remember that you are never alone, and you are never healed alone.

Let go, and just BE. Allow your love to shine through,

And live your passion.

Maren Nelson

See Change as an Adventure!

Does change frighten you sometimes?

Have you ever wondered why?

Before birth, you lived in an environment where you had all of your needs met, simply floating in your small, little world. From there, your first, real change was birth.

For most people, birth was frightening and painful. It was quite literally life and death.

Later, you unconsciously associate any change with this early experience, and that fear can stop you, even though you don’t consciously remember your birth.

The unconscious, core belief that change is scary or painful can stop you from healing and evolving into the kind of person you want to be and having the life you want.

Let go of your resistance to the new and your fear of the unknown. Relax into the present moment where all things are possible.

Allow your rebirth to be an adventure filled with all the love, joy, abundance and fun that you deserve.

I encourage you to expand your horizons and your comfort zone and live your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson

What You Focus On, You Empower!

In the past ten chaotic months, have you found it far too easy to get caught up in fear?

Or have you chosen to have a different experience?

You really do have a choice.

What you focus on, you empower,

  and what you embrace, you erase.

Your breath and your emotions are directly connected.

So if fear and worry have weighed heavily on your mind,

  remember to breathe in new life to release stress.

I am available to help you with online Breathwork sessions

 to bring you back into the present moment where all things are possible.

Also, I am starting a new online A Course in Miracles study group on Tuesday evenings at 7pm AZ time and would love to have you join us.

Contact me to learn more.

And remember your passion and live it!

Maren Nelson

Breathe Deeply to Release Stress!!

What is the first thing you do when you feel afraid?

  • You hold your breath!

What is the first thing you do when you feel strong and in your power?

  • You take a deep breath.

Breathing is a metaphor for how you live your life.

Many people breathe shallowly and don’t realize it. They may have breathed this way their entire lives.

When you hold your breath, you suppress fear, toxins and poisons which are pushed down into your body at a cellular level and remains there until you breathe that out.

  • Every time you catch yourself holding your breath, take a deep breath.
  • Train yourself to do this and allow the breath of life to open your lungs.
  • Feel life-force energy run through you. As you become present, the fear will begin to release.

This is one of the many simple techniques I share in my book, Ride the Emotional Wave: How to Create Wealth, Health and Love Through Emotional Mastery.

Check it out here on my website. I’d love to share this powerful information so you can help yourself emotionally.

Remember to use your Life Breath to experience more energy, joy, abundance and love in this New Year.

Live your passion,

Maren Nelson