FAQ’s About Breathwork

How does Breathwork help me heal?

To start with, most of us quit breathing the natural way – deeply, from the diaphragm – a long time ago. We breathe shallowly, from the top of the lungs, which stresses the brain because it needs more oxygen than it’s getting.

That’s why deep breathing calms you down right away: your brain is getting the amount of oxygen it needs to do its job effectively.

But there is more to Breathwork than that.

The special technique used in a Breathwork session will get you out of the analytical left brain and into the right brain, where it is easier to access your subconscious mind and the limiting core beliefs that live there.

As you continue to breathe deeply in this special way, the breath will take you where you need to go to heal your life, your relationships, your finances, your health, and so much more.


Can Breathwork remove toxic substances from my body?

Yes. If you are a former smoker, your lungs still hold nicotine residue. If you have had surgery, even if it was years ago, the anesthetic still lingers in your system.

With the drawing of a deep breath, you are taking in prana, a Sanskrit term for life-force energy, which carries a very high, fine-tuned vibration.

Anything of a lower or denser vibration that you’re holding in your body is forced out.

With Breathwork, under the guidance of a trained professional, you can clear the toxic energy caused by prescription and non-prescription drugs, anesthesia, antibiotics, alcohol, anti-depressants, Novocain, marijuana, and so on.


What else can Breathwork clear out?

Breathwork can release physical and emotional trauma experienced throughout your life, along with the negative beliefs that were developed from them – even when you were an infant. As scientific studies have shown, we retain at a cellular level every experience in our lives.

In a Breathwork session, scenes may surface from your past and early childhood that you have forgotten or blocked out because of the pain surrounding them – which is one of the reasons you should only do Breathwork with a trained professional who can help you handle whatever comes up.

Just so you know – buried emotions and memories will only surface when you are emotionally and spiritually ready to deal with them.

At some point while doing Breathwork sessions, you will even remember your birth. People don’t typically release their birth memory on the first session, but once in a while this will happen. Or it may be your hundredth session before you release it; sooner or later everyone does. The birth memory is imprinted on a baby’s brain, like a hologram.


How does remembering my birth help me?

For most of us, our birth felt traumatic – even life-threatening. That first breath may have been frightening, burning and painful, as the cells in your little baby lungs expanded for the first time to take in air.

At birth, some of your most powerful and deep-seated beliefs took shape, such as:

  • “I am abandoned,” caused by being separated from Mother too quickly – which can lead to a lifelong pattern of relationships in which you are abandoned, or you abandon others before they can abandon you.
  • “There is not enough,” caused by that first struggle for breath. This can lead to a scarcity mentality that ensures you never have – or feel like you never have, which is just as devastating – enough air, enough choices, enough freedom, enough love, enough money, or enough accomplishments to feel good about yourself.
  • “People hurt me,” if the doctors and nurses were rough. This can lead to a lifelong pattern of abusive relationships, both personally and professionally.
  • “Life is a struggle,” if the birth was difficult. This can lead to a lifelong pattern of stressful strain that never seems to end – as soon as one thing starts to get easier, another difficulty arises so you have something new to struggle through, in keeping with your unconscious program of “Life is a struggle.”

In Breathwork, when you see where your limiting beliefs originated, they begin to spontaneously release and get replaced by the highest truth and wisdom when this process is witnessed by a qualified professional.

This is why even one Breathwork session can be life-changing, because the insights you gain start to create positive changes in every area of your life. As your inner world transforms, your outer world shifts to reflect those changes.


Do all my limiting beliefs come from my birth experience?

No. You form new beliefs as you grow up and experience new people, events and circumstances. As your child-brain develops, it tries to explain to itself why these experiences happened and what they mean about you.

There’s just one problem: as a child, you were unable to make rational sense of your experiences until the right and left brain separated. That happened around the age 7 or 8 – what specialists call the Age of Reason.

Yet, your child-brain persisted in forming certain beliefs based on your experiences. If those beliefs felt too painful, they got pushed into the subconscious mind.

Safely hidden beneath your conscious awareness, these beliefs can continue to run your life as an adult until they are seen or sensed; then healed, released, and replaced by a more accurate and compassionate understanding about yourself and your life.

Breathwork is one of the most effective healing techniques I’ve found for identifying and healing the hidden beliefs and suppressed emotions that sabotage your capacity for abundance, as well as your ability to create and maintain fulfilling relationships.


How does suppressed emotion mess up my life?

Many times, parents and other authority figures, like teachers, don’t want children to express feelings because it puts them in touch with their own pain – which their parents taught them to suppress.

As a child, you may have been punished, or someone threatened to take away their love, if you expressed emotions that made an adult uncomfortable – so you made your feelings wrong and suppressed them.

These suppressed feeling never go away. They stay locked in your body at a cellular level and create blocks of energy that cut off life-force, causing stress and, eventually, disease.

As an adult, if you suppress your emotions, they either get stored in your cells (to make trouble later) or they explode out of you – often at an inopportune moment with the wrong person, like taking out your frustration with your partner on your boss or your child.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can attain Emotional Mastery, which empowers you to use your emotional energy to create satisfying relationships, financial security, fulfilling work, excellent health and much more.


Does a Breathwork session ever bring up anything good?

Yes! Laughter, joy, lightness and other wonderful emotions get suppressed along with the less pleasant ones.

These will surface in your Breathwork session as well. You may never have known how good you can feel until you get in touch with those locked-away emotions of joy and happiness that you may have forgotten you could feel.

Laughter in a Breathwork session is also a sign of integration: you may suddenly see how silly a pattern or belief may be and start giggling, or even break into outright hilarity. Laughter is one of the highest forms of healing.

The highest form of healing, of course, is Love – another great feeling you may have lost touch with along the way.

In addition, using Breathwork, you’ll be able to make sense of what happened in your life and your feelings about them. This supports you in forming more rational beliefs about your birth and other experiences that you could not understand when you were young.

With Breathwork done by a trained professional, it is possible to move through in a matter of months, what it would take years to work through otherwise if you tried to do it on your own.

The work is cumulative. With every session you do, the healing goes deeper. This can bring you peace of mind as you have never experienced it before.


What can I expect if I do a series of Breathwork sessions?


Typically, around the sixth session, you will begin to see and experience things in your life starting to change such as:

  • More self-confidence
  • Access to more creativity and clarity
  • A deeper sense of well-being
  • A stronger connection with God and your Spirit Guides

Bonus: even if you never say a word about the work we’re doing to anyone, often the people around you will feel the effects, so your relationships may improve. Whenever you’re healed, you’re never healed alone.

Typically, around your twelfth session, you will experience yourself going to an even deeper level with these same things. And your healing and growth in consciousness deepens from there.

As you continue to heal yourself, you may find that you’re able to allow a certain level of abundance in your life.

As some point, you may seem to plateau out for a while.

Once you integrate this new level of being, your spirit will want more growth, and you’ll reach for another level in our work together.


When will I be done?

I believe Emotional Mastery is a lifelong process. We’ll be working through “stuff” as long as we live.

I find it interesting when I meet someone who says or thinks they’ve “arrived.” This usually means they’ve dropped back into their egos and are stuck, and they don’t realize it.

But when you continue to heal, grow and expand in consciousness, life will continue to get easier and more beautiful.

The good times seem to last longer and come more often, and the lows won’t last as long or come as often. The lows are higher than the highs used to be.

You will become more present to each moment of your life.

You will experience a sense of balance and security as you come to trust the process, God and most of all yourself.

You can truly become a Master of your life.

Breathwork is something I plan to use for the rest of my life as a tool for clearing myself physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally.

I know, from decades of using this process of regeneration, that it will always connect me to the Divine and help me remember my true Self, which is Love – just like you.