Healing Services

Up until now, you may have been trying to work with your emotions on your own, without the assistance of someone else – and that’s okay. I’m only saying there’s an easier, faster, less painful way to do it.

Or, you may have read every self-help book you could get your hands on. Books offer valuable information and can serve as part of your healing process.

Or, you may have been through years of traditional talk therapy without seeing the changes emotionally you want for yourself and your life … or at least, you thought you would be further along than you are now.

In my experience, it’s necessary to actually feel your feelings in order to release or integrate them. The only way out is through, especially when it comes to your emotions.

It can be scary to do that by yourself, and with some of it, it’s necessary to have a witness to your healing. Long-suppressed emotions can seem frightening or overwhelming when you finally allow yourself to feel them.

And so, I am here to assist you  on your journey to Emotional Mastery through:

  • Private Breathwork Sessions: (In person) Breathwork offers the experience of serenity, joy, health and spiritual wisdom by reconnecting you with the divine source of energy and life in yourself. Experience the transformative power of the breath.
  • Guidance for Emotional Mastery: (60 or 90 minutes done by Skype or phone). Gain more emotional balance and peace of mind through my nurturing guidance.
  • Coaching for Emotional Mastery: (Seven 2 Hour Sessions & One 3 Hour Session done by Skype or by phone). As you experience emotional clearing and forgiveness through this accelerated program, you will learn how to redirect that energy and focus to create what you truly want.
    • For Phoenix clients, this program can be done by itself, or as a package with Private Breathwork Sessions.

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Wishing you love and joy,

Maren Nelson

  • Master Teacher of Connected Breathing
  • Minister of Mind/Body Healing
  • Coach for Emotional Mastery

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