Like many people, I grew up traumatized from living in an abusive household. As a result, I ping-ponged from one toxic relationship to another because I didn’t know what love was and didn’t believe it existed – for me, at least.

Eventually I turned to spirituality for answers and healing. I studied “A Course in Miracles,” Science of Mind, Law of Attraction, manifestation and more. I also learned several intuitive healing techniques that helped me personally, as well as other people I have been privileged to work with.

It became clear, over time, that while I had mentally embraced my new love-based beliefs and values, I still had a hard time living them. I wasn’t walking my talk and didn’t know what to do about it.

Here’s the thing: most of the healing work I’d done was from the neck up. I was trying to think my way to love and abundance, as many emotionally shut-down, numbed-out people try to do.

Enter Maren Nelson, Breathwork healer extraordinaire.

Maren gently helped me release the emotions I’d suppressed because they hurt too much, and guided me to harmlessly release them in ways that healed my body and cleared my mind.

This opened the door to profound emotional and spiritual insights my brain would never have taken me to, because brains don’t go there. That is not what they do.

Maren’s marvelous work, over the past 15 years, continues to bring me back into my body … back into my life … back to remembering my true self – a Being of Love and Light. Just like Maren. Just like you.

My respect, gratitude and love for Maren are greater than words can say.

So I’ll just say this – if you’ve discovered, as I have, that you can’t think your way to loving relationships or fulfilling work that prospers you and others – try Maren’s way!

~Moira Shepard, Transformational Teacher, Los Angeles


The work that Maren Nelson has done with me over the years has proven to be explosive, powerful and healing. Through the guidance of Breathwork, many people (who have attended our seminars) have had outstanding experiences of themselves that exposed habits and fears that governed their lives. To re-experience your birth or an early event in life is quite educational and forgiving. ~James M. Sigafoose, Chiropractor ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For six years I had extreme discomfort in my back and neck from stress. Nothing had any lasting effect, not even physical therapy. For six months I took Zoloft for depression. After six weeks of Breathwork Sessions with Maren, I no longer have problems with either. Thanks, Maren, for your help and support. ~KC, Screen Writer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you have ever had a curiosity about Connected-Breathing or considered it, I highly recommend Maren to facilitate you in the process which may turn out to be one of the most valuable gifts you have ever given you ever given yourself. ~Dr. Larry Leighton, DC, BS, BA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maren’s approach to Breathwork is intensely open and transforming. I was completely rejuvenated on a deep emotional, physical and spiritual level. I have trained and Breathwork with some top names in the field and Maren’s work surpasses them all.~R. Griffin, Producer Visual Effects ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In a few weeks of Maren’s guidance, I have released energetic blockages and begun to feel a far deeper sense of joy. With her loving approach to the Breathwork process, I have experienced dramatic results with an absence of fear or uncertainty. ~Craig W., Los Angeles, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I credit Maren’s work for most of the success I’ve had since I started seeing her two years ago. The peace of mind I’ve achieved is invaluable, and as I continue to do Breathwork with Maren My life stays balanced and my energy is clear and positive. I think everyone could benefit from Maren’s work. Maren’s work changed my life. The love and support she’s given me combined with her Breathwork skills have really taught me how to live my life with abundance and balance and much happiness.  ~Carrie F., Actress & Model ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This opportunity was a very self-fulfilling and rewarding experience for me. You are a knowledgeable, trusting, comfortable, knowing, loving, feeling light. Thank you for a deeply moving experience. Warmly, Stan Hexzom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cry, but each session leaves me feeling improved and at peace, and anxious to see what life will bring to me next. ~Corinne, Massage Therapist, Esthetitcian ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I highly recommend working with Maren Nelson to anyone who is interested in being happier, more successful and more spiritually evolved. ~Jane Taylor-West, Austin, TX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After years of dealing with Post Traumatic Stress since my time in Viet Nam, the results of the reawakening breath sessions have been powerful and positive changes. My self-awareness, both emotional and mental, feels more mature, more able to handle anything life sends my way. I have recognized that my own capabilities and artistic talents are there to improve my future – and I have already seen definite positive changes in my life and my family relationships. ~John S., Key Grip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maren is God inspired, and her gift of instruction in Breathwork through Connected-Breathing is simply wonderful. I love her, and I’ll never forget her. ~Akiba, Los Angeles, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Clearing suppressed negative messages through Maren’s direction, released me from the motionlessness and painfulness of fear and gave me a gift of healing and love. ~Louretta. Walker, Massage Technician, Master Hypnotist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maren’s work not only allows but completely supports each individual through their own unique process, whether it be embracing heartfelt joy or realizing old anger. LifeBreath has been a unique gift from God that has aided me greatly through my healing. ~Katherine Epps, Corporate Vice President ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maren is an inspiration to all, filled with warmth, sensitivity and love, offering herself whenever needed. Giving what she has to offer, freely, never wavering. She also is a passionate and understanding Spirit Guide (in physical form) and I am overjoyed and very grateful to have become reacquainted with her. ~Luwana Phillips, Los Angeles, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maren Nelson has proven to be a special light force in the universe. She approaches her Breathwork training with such unconditional love., even the most average person cannot help but to be assisted through her efforts. Maren’s knowledge and enthusiasm are only surpassed by the advances she assists others in attaining. ~Layona W., Realtor ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Breathwork has given me many valuable insights into myself and is helping me heal the pain from my past. Maren’s compassionate and loving nurturing has been a major factor in that healing. ~Derrick Collier, Loan Officer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maren guided me through Breathwork sessions that not only improved my health during a horrendous bout with Shanghai Flu, but demonstrated to me the remarkable energies that she releases through her considerable empathic powers. ~Mel Weiser, Motion Picture Writer-Producer-Director ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Working with Maren Nelson has shown me that she is telepathic and a mast at guiding people to the Light. With her empathic awareness, and love for human beings, and her knowledge of the technique of Connected-Breathing. She’s an inspiration to all of us to work towards our highest good. ~Halstan Williams, Actor, Photographer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’ve been a “Rebirther” (Breathwork/Connected Breathing) and have received Breathwork since the early days in San Francisco when Rebirthing was first discovered and developed by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.

In May of 1993 I was overcome by an attack of excruciating pain which was diagnosed by two doctors as Sciataca.

I went to a couple of healers, two chiropractors, did yoga and yoga therapy, acupuncture and other kinds of clearing including hypnotherapy. I did everything I could think of in the way of healing and saw Maren Nelson’s ad in the Arizona Light magazine.

I scheduled an appointment and did a phenomenal breath session with her. After that first session I experienced tremendous relief and about 50% of the pain was gone.

Now, after an intensive round of breath sessions with Maren along with the other techniques she uses, I am totally healed and the pain is completely gone. I’m so thankful that I found her.

With over the 16 years of doing Breathwork, I have worked with many Connected Breath therapists in addition to my own training in Breathwork. Maren is the best Breathwork therapist I have ever experienced and I feel like she is the best in the world. Thank you, Maren

Lawrence West,

Professional Rebirther and Clearing Practitioner


I first started seeing Maren in 2002 when my acupuncturist suggested that she could be helpful in the domain of emotional health. At the time life was not easy as our daughter was seriously ill with a chronic and debilitating disease and my wife and I were overwhelmed. I saw Maren because of reactivity in my relationship with my Mother (deceased).

It looked like this: I would be leading my normal life and something would occur that subconsciously or unconsciously hooked me into my past relationship with my mother and I would lose myself. Sometimes, I would become angry.

Other times, I would “disappear” (meaning that I would become preoccupied with a kind of circular emotional distress and rather than being present in the moment. I would go deep into thought and be unavailable in the moment). This pattern was life-long and Maren was certainly not the first person I had gone to see to work on it.

As we worked, my life began to change and improve, not in a linear way but in an incremental way. Slowly but surely over time my reactivity dissolved as did the “charge” on the primary “incidents” which had felt out of my control. Holotropic breath work was the fulcrum for this incredible and important shift in my life.

There is a categorical difference between someone performing a technique (no matter how well they do it) and someone committed to your healing.

Maren is a master guide of the inner emotional and psychological landscape and a powerful presence in the difficult work of healing hard-to-reach emotional and psychological issues.

The breath work to me is a particularly powerful technique to use around issues that occurred at a preverbal time in one’s development as well as issues that penetrate far below the level of conscious awareness.

I have been a client of Maren’s for over a decade and so I have experienced the cumulative nutrition of this work. And lest I paint a picture that makes it seem as if the breath work is entirely focused on past, it surely is not.

My experience with this work has been that on the one hand it addressed past issues but on the other it has made me more present in the moment, more able to create and hold space, more sensitive to energy and more clear about my own purpose and contribution this life. I think about this part as the dessert of this work as it is a treat to experience oneself not as an “idea” but as an embodied and authentic possibility.

Maren is a master coach and guide of the breath work of healing emotional and psychological traumas.

If you’re considering doing this work, don’t wait. If you are looking for an exceptional person to guide you to your authentic self – you’ve found her. And if you want to not only clean up your past but be informed by your purpose for being then Maren is an extraordinary person to work with.

Tom Feldman,

Workshop Leader & Coach Founding Member,

Association of Transformational Leaders SoCal



Having completed Maren’s Breathwork training, my life in all areas has completely transformed in so many wonderful ways.

I could talk about the tangible results such as more business in my restaurant and happier employees, but what really transformed that makes so much more of a difference are a better relationship with my parents, more patience with myself and my life, a greater sense of well-being and security, a more positive attitude and more open heart, the ability to embrace and receive all of life, the abundance of people who have come into my life, and the list can go on forever.

The most important elements of this program that has made such a significant difference were the areas around forgiveness and gratitude. Once my spirit understood these elements on a cellular level, my entire life opened up to new possibilities, to change to a new acceptance and perspective on life.

As a result of completing this program, I have transformed my business, my career, my relationships with my family, friends, my employees, my clients, and myself. For the first time in my life, I love the skin that I am in and I feel more present than ever in my life.

Maren’s abundance of knowledge and experience with the work is immeasurable. I am forever grateful for Maren and her expertise. I am forever grateful for her divine guidance in this work. She is absolutely a joy to have had as a teacher.

Love always,

Nwenna Kai,Owner and Culinary Designer,

Taste of the Goddess Cafe, LA, CA


Dear Maren:

Having completed your program, I have been assessing its impact on my life and find I have a great deal to thank you for.

Going in, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or what kind of outcome I wanted. However, I did know two things. First, I knew, after the initial gift session with you, that I wanted to feel a more tangible connection to the Universe. That intense connectedness, that high, if you will, that I experienced the first time was so unexpected and remarkable that it served to assure me that there is a different way of being. It assured me that, indeed, spirit is tangible and we are not separate from the Universe. It was enough to give me faith that working with you could have a significant impact on my life.

The second thing I knew was that there were things keeping me stuck. I wasn’t sure what those things were, but I knew they were there. So I came into your program with the faith that somehow, through the work, things would shift.

While I haven’t experienced the “high” that I felt that first time, I have learned to recognize – and experience on a daily basis – the influence of my guides and have achieved a much stronger sense of connectedness. My intuition is also much keener and I trust it more than I did.

These things are a direct result of the Breathwork sessions, our marvelous discussions, the reading, and my “homework” of journaling, meditating, and praying. As for being stuck, only time will tell.

However, thanks to the work, the tangible strides I have made that should result in significant forward movement are many. For instance, I feel overall lighter, less care-worn. This is a result, I think, of having let go of much of the anger, grief, and sense of responsibility I was harboring around my family members and their issues.

Letting go of feeling responsible for my mother’s death was, in itself, a huge relief and is just one example. In addition, the issue of worthiness was a defining theme in our work. I believe the results of working through that are beginning to show up in many areas of my life and in my relationships.

Because of that one core issue, I have begun to be much more purposeful in setting boundaries without regard to how others will perceive me. Amazingly, no one seems to think less of me for it; in fact, their perceptions of me aren’t diminished at all. It is possible they have even greater respect for me. What a surprise!

In addition to those tangible strides, I continue to work on some of the broader issues that will take time to assimilate fully – concepts such as letting go of judgment and expectation, and the difference between expectation and intention. Key phrases that capture some of the most important concepts now act as guideposts for me: “when you are in upset, you are not in real time,” “hate the sin, love the sinner,” “there is no such thing as fear, we only feel fear in the ego and it is a result of feeling separated from God.” My daily life experiences are now filtered through these concepts and as a result I react and respond differently, I see the world differently and I attract differently.

As if that weren’t enough, here’s the magic part. With no intention to improve my ability to memorize, no idea I even could improve it, that is precisely what happened. Not that I now memorize things quickly or easily, but I can do it. My theory is that my mind is quieter and less distracted, therefore able to be more focused. This was a surprising bonus that has healed years of embarrassment.

Thank you, Maren, for guiding me on such an incredible journey. My life will never be the same.

With deepest gratitude,

Cindra Lee Henry, Founder of Careers In Motion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dearest Maren,

I want to take a moment to tell you how profoundly you have affected my life. I know I tell you this on occasion, but I am compelled to reiterate my gratitude for you and for the work you do. Growing up in an unconventional, healing-influenced lifestyle in Boulder, CO, I have unfortunately encountered many alternative healers I perceived as dysfunctional, inappropriate, ungrounded or flaky (or all of the above!). When a friend referred me to you with a gift session, I thought, “It’s free, what can it hurt? Screaming into a pillow sounds like fun.” Boy, I had no idea what I was getting into…

From our very first session, I was hooked. You are so extremely present, intuitive and gifted. Your sweetness mixed with your strength and the unwavering conviction you have in Connected Breathing earned my respect and trust instantly. The tears, snot and laughter that have so freely poured out of me during our sessions have come forth so easily because of the safe and gracious environment you have created.

The work I’ve done with your guidance and support in the last few months has helped me to break down walls, dislodge old patterns, get closer to my truth, and find my light. My healing has been tremendous. I was very ready to do the work, but I needed a guide. I could not be accomplishing what I am without your insight and support. You have given me so many tangible tools to use in my everyday life, I can’t imagine a day goes by that I haven’t applied a technique you have shared with me. Your teachings help me to express myself with pure intention, achieve and maintain alignment, and stay my course. And as if that weren’t all more than enough already, we have so much damn fun doing it! Thank you for your wisdom and your love. My gratitude is boundless.

Joyfully, Heather Hartmann, Actress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~