What to Expect In Your Free Phone Consultation

First, let me acknowledge you for investigating the possibility of emotional healing for yourself.

Most people have been taught to suppress emotions and don’t know where to begin.

It takes courage to begin a journey that will help you:

  • Change your life forever
  • Shift your way of seeing the world from one that is fearful and threatening to one that is loving, generous, and kind
  • Turn fear into POWER
  • Release stress
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Clear negative beliefs and self-limiting patterns
  • Gain a deeper connection to life and love
  • Open to more clarity and creativity
  • Balance emotional, mental, physical and spiritual areas of your life
  • Increase self-confidence through conscious awareness

If this sounds like what you want for yourself and your life, continue on…

To begin, simply click here to email me. Just say, “Hi, Maren – I would like a free phone consultation with you.”

I will return your email with available times when we can speak, so we can start finding answers to your emotional needs and concerns.

Once we connect on the phone, we will begin our conversation by taking a few minutes to get to know each other a little.

I will ask you to tell me:

  • Who you are and what you do in the world?
  • What are you experiencing emotionally that caused you to reach out?
  • How long have you been experiencing this?
  • Is it affecting your personal relationships, or your ability to love?
  • Is it affecting your work, your productivity, or your creativity?
  • What have you been doing to help yourself emotionally, up until now?
  • Are you willing to do the work to heal and open up emotionally?


  • What results do you want to see from gaining Emotional Mastery?

You may have questions for me, like:

  • What can I expect from doing this work with Maren?
  • How well does Maren know and understand the process of healing?
  • How well does she know the techniques for healing that she would use with me?
  • Has she been trained and certified in the techniques she uses?
  • How long has she been doing this work?
  • Will she keep my work confidential?

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about me and my work.

At some point, you may choose to set up a session with me. We’ll discuss your options and availability.

I am here to help make your journey to Emotional Mastery as smooth sailing as possible.

It would be an honor and a pleasure for me to support you in finding the emotional balance, wealth, health and love you deserve.

If it feels right to you, go ahead right now and click here to email me. Just say, “Hi, Maren – I would like a free phone consultation with you.”

If you want more information about setting up a free one-on-one phone consultation with me, click here.

I look forward to hearing from you!​


With Love and Appreciation,

Maren Nelson