This Is a Year of Miracles!!

Welcome to a whole new decade!

To set the foundation for this decade, I’m dedicating my life to right action in 2020.

Right action includes these intentions:

I release my past and every belief that it represents who I am.

I let go of every belief about what the world is.

I choose to see myself as God sees me.

I now know it is safe to let go of control and to trust myself.

Because I trust myself, I now I claim my power for the highest good.

This year I will share my heart with more compassion and wisdom than ever before.

I will see my humanity mirrored in others.

I will remember we are all in this together.

I will keep in mind that our goal is God.

This year, I will express a greater level of self-love than ever before.

I will allow the love that shines through me to bless the world.

With this proclamation, I set in motion the energy to draw to me all manner of incidents, meetings and material assistance necessary to achieve my goal to share my love with the world.

I will honor those times when it is right to do nothing but to trust the universal laws of creation and allow it to unfold.

I know with certainty that nature supports right action. I know that heaven and earth will move to support me. I will see miracles unfold around me every day.

This is a year of miracles!

Remember to live your passion, my friend. May God bless you in the New Year.

Maren Nelson