You Are as God Created You

I have been helping many of my clients work through shifting how they see themselves, or their self-identity.

Correcting how you see yourself is a key to healing many life-long disorders and dysfunctions.

You may have identified with beliefs that you created at birth and early childhood. You believe at an unconscious level that is what you are. Because you weren’t capable of understanding things the way an adult does, you developed irrational beliefs that were pushed into your subconscious and run your life as an adult. You have identified with them. Your ego has taken on a false identity. You continue to act out of these limiting beliefs and behaviors, later in life, reinforcing the negative beliefs, which were never real to begin with.

Some of these beliefs are passed on ancestrally and through your DNA.

You wonder why the same experiences keep happening, or why you keep attracting the same kind of abusive people, not realizing you are drawing them in from these unconscious beliefs.

Because the beliefs are so ingrained you don’t know that anything you do or say or think will never change the fact you are as God created you.

Your ego will tell you these beliefs and behaviors can’t be changed. They are who you are.

I promise you, they are not!

You are as God created you.

Know that you can shift your perceptions about yourself, and remember your Self as God created you.

Ask God and your Spirit Guides to help you to see yourself differently.

Ask them to help you to see yourself as God sees you.

Remember to Live Your Passion,

Maren Nelson