What Have You Healed?

When Brenda first came to me for Breathwork sessions, she told me she had been working on her healing now for over 40 years. She had taken tons of classes, and had gone to dozens of therapists (both traditional and nontraditional) for her healing. She had read just about every book on healing she could get her hands on. She had even been a student of A Course In Miracles since the late ‘70’s.

But, Brenda’s mind would still spin around with the same kind of negative thoughts she had before she started all of this. She was still attracting in the same kind of abusive people she did before; different face, but same behavior. She hated the feelings of self-pity she still found herself wallowing in, at times. She was deeply frustrated and tired of working on herself.  After everything she had learned, why wasn’t she happy?

Brenda already knew a lot of the information I was sharing with her in our sessions. Frustrated, she finally said to me, “I want to tell you what I know!”

I told Brenda, “I understand that you know a lot of this information already. You know many of the exercises and tools I‘m sharing with you. Instead of telling me what you know, tell me what you’ve healed.”

Brenda looked at me, stunned. “No one has ever asked me that before…”

I was shocked to hear this. “So, you’re telling me that after all these years of working with top healers and therapists from all over the world, none of them asked you what you’ve healed?”

“No,” Brenda responded as she thought back.

I, quickly, went within for guidance, and said to her, “Write a list of what you have healed, and then, share that with me.”

I could see her quickly scan through her memory banks for anything she could tell me. In the moment, however, her mind was blank. She looked at me sadly.

I told Brenda, “You’ve told me how lonely you used to feel when you were younger, and that’s gone. You haven’t felt that in years. Is that right?”

Brenda nodded, but I could still feel her hopelessness.

“You’ve healed that!” I told her. “If it’s not showing up in your life anymore, you healed it!”

I hurried on with more, “You’ve told me how you used to have problems with money. You haven’t worried about that in ages, right?”

Brenda looked up at me this time, and nodded. “Yes,” she said, her eyes brightening.

Soon, Brenda was realizing many areas she had been able to correct misperceptions of herself and her life, and had seen lasting changes. Her list got longer and longer.

I want to encourage you to make a list of any limiting beliefs, behaviors or issues you’ve been able to heal or correct in your own life. You’ll know you are done with an issue when you don’t attract those hard lessons anymore.

If you choose, you can make a list of those things you still want to correct as a guideline for yourself.

As you see the improvements unfold in your life with more love, fun and abundance, remember to live your passion!

With love and appreciation,

Maren Nelson