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Do you want to learn the Breathwork for yourself and others?

Sign up for your one-on-one Breathwork Training done with Maren.

If you are ready to begin this intensive 12-session program for emotional healing and to learn the Breathwork, this is how you start:

  1. Sign Up for The Breathwork Training

Click here to email me. Just say, “Hi, Maren – I would like to sign up for the Breathwork Training with you.”

Then tell me:

  • Your name
  • Your City, State or Province, and Time Zone (e.g. Pacific Daylight Time)
  • Three dates and times when you would be available to speak
  • Your phone number

Send the email and we’ll set up your appointment in which we will discuss payment options.

  1. After We Speak:

You will make your payment with Maren through Venmo or Paypal before your training begins.

The Breathwork Training: $3,600.00


Possible payment plan to be arranged with Maren: Three payments of $1200 to be paid within 3 months.

  • First payment of $1200 must be made before the training begins.
  • Second payment of $1200 must be made by the beginning of the 2nd month of the training.
  • Third payment of $1200 must be made by the beginning of the 3rd month of the training.

Once your payment has been processed and your first class has been confirmed, we’re all ready to go.

Not sure whether this is for you?

Click here to see what other people say about working with me.

What can you expect from doing the Breathwork Training?

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What can you expect from our work together?

  • Learn Connected Breathing for yourself and others.
  • Forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Gain awareness of limiting beliefs and behaviors, both conscious and unconscious, along with exercises and visualizations to heal them
  • Clarity of your Spiritual Purpose
  • Clarity on what you want for you life and how to manifest it.
  • Your relationship to yourself and others improve. We are never healed alone
  • Gain a deeper connection to God (Love) and your own Inner Guidance System.

You get all this, and more with Maren’s nurturing guidance.

It would be an honor to support you with The Breathwork Training and to teach you this life-changing technique.

With Love and Appreciation,

Maren Nelson