Stage One: Denial

Denial stems from fear. It is an attempt to hold situations, other people and ourselves in the status quo. When we refuse to accept things as they truly are, it hinders us from making the changes necessary to move forward and grow. We stagnate in a swamp of helpless dissatisfaction.

Denial is like a doughnut. If you hold the doughnut close to your eye, you see through the hole, but you don’t see the doughnut. You could even tell yourself, “There is no doughnut here. I can see just fine.”

One day, someone comes up to you, perhaps a good friend, and tells you, “You have a doughnut on your eye!” You reply, “No, I don’t have a doughnut on my eye. What are you talking about?”

Over time, other people tell you that you have a doughnut on your eye, but you still can’t see it.

One day, you finally realize you do indeed have a doughnut on your eye – and how silly you look with the darned thing.

You decide to do whatever it takes to correct it and remove it. That’s your cue to break out of your outdated beliefs and perceptions – and embrace change.

Change is the only constant you can rely on. Embrace it with courage and determination; and watch as it nourishes and replenishes your mind and your life.

Live your passion!

Maren Nelson