Stage Five of Healing: Acceptance and Surrender

Many people fear change. They will fight to hang on to the familiar, even if it makes them miserable. We believe that if we fight change, then we will be safe.

Fear of change keeps you locked into old patterns and belief systems that may be outdated or flat-out untrue. They don’t serve you or anyone, anymore. Perhaps they never did. It’s just what you have known – up until now.

To allow change in your life, it may require a shift in the way you see yourself. However, you may have a fear that if you see yourself with new eyes, you won’t know who you are. Perhaps you have forgotten that what you are is Love, and that can never be changed in any way because it is of God.

To heal your mind, and let go of the misperceptions, emotions and behaviors you have been consciously and unconsciously developed throughout your life, can feel like a death, or a profound loss.

In fact, you do experience a kind of death; the passing of the part of yourself that saw you as less than what you truly are.

When that part of you passes away, you remember your divinity. You remember you are no greater or lesser than anyone else.