Releasing the Illusion of Shame

A couple of months ago, I put up a post about how the ego is based on the Belief in Separation.

A Course In Miracles talks about the deep sense of shame and guilt that everyone feels at their core. This guilt comes from the belief that we have separated ourselves from God, each other and all that is. We believe we have placed our will before God’s will who knows that each of us is pure and innocent and without sin.

The ego would try to tell us that we are alone and on our own. The world the ego would try to show us is based on fear. We even try to keep each other in this illusion of betrayal, self-doubt, lack of trust and lack of love.

We are not aware of the huge burden we put on ourselves while trying to keep this lie in place. It takes a lot of energy and focus to continue to live in a world of fear. It drains our life-force.

Because we believe the worst of ourselves, we act out of our misperceptions; again an insane attempt to try to make them real.

We project onto others our own deepest fears about ourselves, deepening the sense in separation at every turn. We’ve forgotten who we are.

Let’s say a friend, or loved one, or even someone you barely know tries to project onto you their own feelings of guilt and shame.

They may truly believe that they are right, and you are wrong.

They may even become aggressive in their attempt to try to get you to see things their way.

They may sit there like God, passing judgment. They accuse and they sentence you to be punished for your imagined sins. Ultimately, the only punishment that will ever appease this person is death.

This may sound extreme except this is exactly what the ego tells us every day.

If you choose to you could believe this person and use this experience to add to the belief that you are bad and deserve to be punished. You could continue to act out from this misperception, thereby increasing your belief in separation.

If your try to handle this on your own, the world does seem to be a lonely, violent, and unforgiving place.

Or, you could remember: NONE OF THIS IS TRUE!!!

It is possible to see the world, yourself, and even this person differently. It’s as simple as a shift in perception.

You were never meant to do it on your own!

God doesn’t even recognize the separation or the ego. He knows that we are always and forever One.

God knows that nothing of this world will ever change the fact that you are pure and worthy and loved.

Love waits on welcome. And with your welcome, it will flood you with profound freedom and joy when you simply lay your burden down, and remember you are Love.

Now that you are free from the shackles of shame and guilt, you can rechannel that life-force energy to create a world that you want, a world filled with Love.

You are a magician with the freedom and clarity to express and create your purpose and your passion.


Maren Nelson