Q & A: Develop a Relationship with Your Guides

maren nelsonQuestion: Maren, how do you make initial contact with your spiritual guides? I read your blog today and am very excited by it! I meditate once a day and sometimes talk to God and He gives me advice or encouragement, but I don’t think I have come into contact with a spiritual guide in the way you mention. ~Scott

Answer: Good question, Scott. I’m pretty irreverent when I communicate with my guides. Sometimes I hear them laughing at me. They get a kick out of me, and I know they know the deep love and gratitude I have for them. I think mostly it’s your intention. They are always there for us. It’s us that need to open to them. I connect with them anywhere at any time. Sometimes I’ll sit quietly for a moment to center myself and connect. It’s pretty simple actually. In my mind, I usually start with, “Hey, you guys!” Thanks for your question.

Best, Maren