My Mother’s Passing

I know I haven’t put up a post for a while. My mother passed away recently, and I’ve been dealing with that on so many levels. I share so much with others about the emotional process. Yet, when it happens at such a personal level, it seems nothing can prepare you for such a loss.

Wow…the grieving process…I’ve talked in earlier posts about the 5 stages of healing. It’s obvious these are the stages we go through whenever we let go of anything…a loved one, a place, an issue, a belief, even those things that have not served us. We need to trust that process of letting go, and allow it to happen. Otherwise, we suppress and internalize all those feelings of grief.

I’ve had friends and clients share with me how hard the loss of a parent is and particularly your mother…the woman who gave birth to you. There is no way to fully understand until you go through it.

I want to express my deep love for my mother and how she affected my life.

I’m not concerned about her. I know she is in the Light…the light if Love….which I know and trust. Immediately, when I heard she had passed, I checked in and asked my guides and God about her, and I saw her in the light. There was no question about it. I saw her smiling. I felt her around all of the family and so did many of my sisters during the preparation process and funeral.

I am having so many realizations about the gifts she gave to me…to us…before and since her passing. I will share some of them soon. I hope for my family and loved ones, this information will help.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations