My Anger Weakens Me

Do you use anger as a defense?

Have you noticed when you use anger to try to protect or defend yourself how your energy drops?

Anger carries a much lower vibration or frequency than love.

You give your power to the person or thing you are angry with. Your focus and energy are being wasted on what you don’t want, instead of what you do.

Apologize where you need to and reclaim your power, your life-force. Feel it come back to you where it rightfully belongs.

If it is used properly, anger can be used as a motivating force and can help you move forward where you might not otherwise. However, if you choose to hold onto your anger as a reactive defense, you lose power.

Practice communicating more clearly what you feel and want from love.

Trust yourself that you can take care of yourself.

And always live your passion.

Maren Nelson