Love Vs. Fear

Helping You Transform Fear into Power

Love is authentic power. Any emotion that is not based in love is ALWAYS fear based.

When you experience any other emotion than love, you are not in present time. You have brought the past into the present through the emotions you’ve suppressed throughout your life. Many times this happens unconsciously and instantaneously without you even realizing what you’ve done.

The world tells you power comes from force. However, force, in its many forms such as anger, control and manipulation, stems from the ego which is based in fear.

Here are a few different emotions that fall under the category of Fear vs. Love:


Abuse, aggression, anger, apathy, arrogance, attack, condescension, confusion, control, critical, cruelty, denial, depression, destructiveness, disappointment, disgust, doubt, forcing, grief, guilt, hatred, insecurity, intimidation, jealousy, judgment, rage, resentment, righteousness, sadness, selfishness, shyness, and worry.

When you experience fear or any related emotion, your aura and chakras close down in an attempt to protect yourself. Your breathing becomes short and shallow, or may even stop. Your attention is focused inward as you become narrow-minded. You can’t see the whole picture.

Your mind spins around endlessly, creating stories that continue to feed off each other (many of which are not even real), bringing suffering. It’s not fun to be around someone who lives in fear.


Acceptance, allowing, appreciating, balance, bliss, compassion,  confidence, contentment, courageous, devotion, ecstasy, empathic, forgiving, generous, gentle, giving, grateful, harmonious, honest, humble, humorous, joyous, kind, lighthearted, loyal, noble, open, peaceful, receptive, reliable, respectful, responsible, spontaneous, surrender, and trust.

Love expands, whereas fear contracts.

When you are open and connected with life, your aura and chakras open up.

Your energy expands.

You can feel when you are open.

You have a broader awareness of your surroundings. Your attention is focused outward.

Your breathing is deep, full and relaxed.

You can feel when someone else is open, too. Their energy field has expanded. While standing next to them, you may get goose-bumps (or God-bumps), or a tingling up your spine or at the top of your head. It feels good to be near them.

You may actually see Light around them. They are glowing and radiant. When you see the Light in them, it reminds you of your own. You feel lifted up. Their openness and love help you to open too.

To get to this place of openness, most of us need a process to correct the misperceptions and conscious, and unconscious, limiting beliefs that create this separation or split.

When you make the decision to heal emotionally, it’s helpful to find a good healer to guide you through the territory of emotional clearing. They will save you a lot of time, money and years of suffering.

Once you begin the process of emotional clearing, you will experience the full range of emotions over time, including feelings that got suppressed.

When the negative emotions release, you will have more clarity and will see Truth.

Then, from this place of authentic power you will naturally share your acceptance and love. You will want to share your gifts and talents with the world.

Live your passion,

Maren Nelson