Keep It Light

In Chapter 5 of Ride the Emotional Wave, you will learn that:

You are never alone

You are never alone on this journey toward emotional mastery.

When you truly commit to healing your mind and emotions, you will have legions of angels, Spirit Guides, and Teachers assisting you. (I explain how to access and work with your Guides and Teachers in REW.)

Remember to ask your angels for help with everything! That is why they are here – to assist you along the way as you walk your life path. You just need to remember to ask them for help.

Remember to laugh

Another crucial key to your healing is to remember to laugh. Don’t take yourself, other people, your life or even this information too seriously. Laughter carries a very high vibration of life-force energy that can be used for healing.

As you release the crushing load of negativity generated by your ego, your energy will literally lighten up. You will have access to more life-force energy and the radiation from that light will help others remember their light too.

Enjoy the journey and your reawakening in spirit. And most of all, live your passion.


Maren Nelson

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