How to Use Emotions as Your Guide

How well do you know your emotions?

Have you tried to use them to help guide yourself in your life?

They can be your road signs to know what you should do in any situation.

When something happens and you feel a positive or negative charge in your body, that is your signal to pay attention. Your emotions are telling you what is right or wrong for you.

Really the only two emotions are love and fear. All of the other ones fall under one of these two categories.

Let’s say something happens and you have an emotional response to it. If that feeling comes under the category of love, such as joy, openness, lightness and oneness, you know you’re on the right track; this is something that resonates with your best self, which is love.

Go for it!

If you have an emotional response based in fear such anger, frustration, repulsion, and sadness, you know it is not in alignment with your highest good.

Take responsibility for your feelings and decide what you really want. Is it fear or love?

Instead of reacting from old wounds, act from a conscious place.

Let your emotions guide you.

That’s why they are there for you.

And remember to live your passion.

Maren Nelson