“Riding the Emotional Wave”

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into coming up with a title for what I want to share with you here. Where do you start with a topic like, “How to work with and clear emotions”? Emotional Mastery popped into my mind. So…what does emotional mastery mean?

When I think of emotions, I think of their similarity with water: there are ebbs and flows…sometimes calm and quiet, sometimes wild and out of control. Some people are flooded with emotions while others have learned to live with a drought.

When I think of emotional mastery, I think of a surfer who goes out for the first time to learn to “ride the wave”. She rests on the water, waiting for that perfect swell. Then, she paddles out wildly to try to meet it. She gets on top of her board and tries to control it…the water rises…she feels a momentary rush of energy run through her body…and CRASH!!!…she plummets into the depths. Hurt, but still hopeful, she tries again. As she struggles to her feet, she feels her board wobble on this next wave. She tries to control it again…and…down she goes!

If he keeps at it, he gradually gets the hang of things. He allows others “in the know” to guide him in the process. Now, when he goes out on the water to surf, he looks ahead and sees that perfect wave. With strength, purpose and direction, he swims toward his goal. His legs have developed so that as he steps onto the board, he can better maneuver it as he feels the water rise under him. He no longer tries to control his experience but knows how to ride it through. He works with it. He feels exhilarated as he realizes he and the water are one. He has learned to master the wave!

Learning to work with your emotions is just like this. When you first start out, you’re bound to get knocked around a bit. As the floodgates open, the gush of suppressed emotions from a lifetime may feel overwhelming. However, as you keep going, it gets easier.

As you become more and more clear, you trust your emotional guidance system. Your eyes and your heart are open, and you make better choices. The old drama gradually disappears as you remember you can choose peace instead of conflict. You are aware of the daily miracles being sent your way often in places you never expected. Your emotions add the color and flavor to life and, now, you relish them. I encourage you on your journey. Remember your passion!

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations