Emotional Healing, Stage Three: Bargaining

You know you are in the bargaining phase of emotional healing if you are trying to negotiate things to try to make things right. You’re making deals in an effort to avoid the inevitable.

If you are bargaining, it’s a sign of progress.

You are moving toward acceptance of yourself, of others, and of life itself. You’re doing a great job!

Attempts to bargain indicate you still believe something can or should be done to change things, so they can be the way you think they ought to be.

You may bargain with God, or your Higher Power.

You may bargain at the end of a relationship.

You may try telling your partner and yourself, “I’ll change if you give me what I want.”

Bargaining is a normal phase of your healing process. In time, you will be able to release this phase to move to sadness and then, full acceptance of yourself, of your power, and of Life Itself.

Live your passion!


Maren Nelson