It’s okay to feel all your feelings, including sadness and grief. Allow the healing tears to flow so that you feel cleansed and regenerated. Sorrow purifies your spirit.

Open to Catharsis! The process will take as long as it takes. It’s different for everyone.

When you allow yourself to feel your grief, you will create a space inside to allow in new life.

Both of my parents passed away in 2010; my mom in the spring, and Dad in the fall. After each one passed, I allowed myself to feel my emotions deeply. I was very grateful I had the Breathwork to help me clear emotions on a regular basis. I used it then, and I use it now.

I’ve heard that if a person allows themselves to feel their grief fully at the time a loss, it takes about two or three months to complete the grieving process. After two months, I felt a dark, heavy cloud of energy lift off of me. Immediately, I knew it was the grief leaving me. It happened both times. The grief was replaced with a feeling of completion with both of them.

Although I had forgiven my parents, long ago, I still had issues that developed from early experiences while growing up. The decision to go after my healing to make the corrections I needed, was my responsibility, not my parent’s. Forgiving my parents and correcting misperceptions and beliefs that I developed early on, were two separate aspects of my healing.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself as you heal your mind and remember love. As the old stagnation clears, your inner light has room to shine through more brightly than ever.

Live your passion,


Maren Nelson