Choose Peace!


Here you are deep into the holiday season. As you come up to a new year, you reminisce as the old year passes.

Did you experience peace this past year?

Is it something you want in this coming year?


Perhaps, you believe you have to put up with less than love from the people around you. You think, “This is just how people are.” So, you go along with drama, just to keep the peace. What a contradiction!

Believe it or not, peace is a choice, so is drama.

By choosing peace, you commit yourself to not allowing anything or anyone that is unloving into your inner circle. It’s that simple!

That may sound radical, but you can experience peace today, right now.

It may mean clearing out anything or anyone who does not respect or vibrate to this higher frequency. When you choose peace, and less than loving people are around you, ask God, His angels and your Guides how to best handle the situation so that you can return to peace as quickly as possible.

Enjoy your holidays, and remember you can always choose peace.

Live your passion!

Maren Nelson