Choose Love for the Holidays

Have you noticed when you have a breakthrough with your emotional healing and remember love, the people closest to you can feel it?

Others will be affected by your positive energy when you shift your perceptions from fear to love.

We are truly never healed alone!

Fear based perceptions and the feelings that follow from them, carry a very low vibration. You can feel the heaviness in your body. You feel constricted and closed off from the present moment and other people. They may sense your energy, and there’s a good chance they will feel repelled by it and pull away from you.

When you choose to heal emotionally and shift old, limiting perceptions from fear to love, the frequency of your emotions raise. You have more energy as this awakening increases your life-force. You feel open and receptive, and you see things more clearly. You are more present to life and trusting in the moment. Now you make healthier, more loving choices about how you choose to behave and live.

As we come into the holiday season, share your higher vibrations of love, peace, and joy with the world. When people experience your light, it will remind them of their own, and you will help others remember they can choose love too.

And as always, live your passion.

Maren Nelson