Change Your Mind to Change Your Experience!

If your thoughts and feelings create your experience, do you pay attention to them and how how they affect you and the people around you?
Do your thoughts make you feel good or bad?

Do people react to you differently when you feel good or bad?

Back a few years ago, I had just moved into a condominium complex, but was having problems with my new phone line. The day I called to get it repaired, I wasn’t in a very good mood, stressed about work and half a dozen other things.

It was obvious the woman on the line didn’t want to take the time to really help me and I snapped at her, my anger rising. She became very rude and quoted me an exorbitant price to get it repaired. Suddenly, I realized what was happening and said I’d call back another time.

The next day, I sat for a moment, looked around at my beautiful new place, feeling my happiness about being there before making the call.

This time, the fellow on the line was extremely helpful and pleasant. He said the line would be repaired in a few hours at no cost.

Take responsibility for your life, and remember, what you focus on, you empower.

Live your passion,

Maren Nelson