Breathe and Receive!

Have you found yourself more tired than normal after months of carrying stress?

Do you have a place and space that you can let yourself feel and express that pent up energy to clear it?

Sometimes people become desensitized to the emotional baggage and stuck energy they have been carrying for months, years, and even lifetimes. It’s exhausting, and they don’t even know they are still carrying it. It is blocking their ability to live life fully and freely. They don’t know they can let it go to truly live.

When you free up and clear that heavy burden of emotional stress, your clarity and creativity will open up, and your life-force energy will increase. You will be more present to life as you release the past and your fear-based perceptions and feelings.

Breathe, and receive the gift of life!

Contact me here for more information about private sessions for Breathwork, emotional coaching, and my Breathwork training – all online for now. I would love to share this transformational process to assist you in creating the life you want.

And, as always, remember your passion, and live it!

Maren Nelson