Q & A #2: Develop a Relationship With Your Guides

maren nelsonQuestion: Saw your post of my question – thank you! So are you saying that I should go into a meditation with the intention of reaching and being introduced to my spiritual guide/guides? I’m sure they are there! Thanks again – hope my questions are not bothersome to you but I know that you have been attracted to help direct me and lead me in my journey. ~Scott

Answer: I love your questions and I’m honored to share with you. Yes, going into a meditation with the intent of connecting with them is really all it takes and they’re there. There will be a process in learning how to differentiate what’s coming from you and your ego and what’s really coming from your guides. Ask for signs to help you know it’s them. Ask them to help you to know they are there for you. You will get your answers if you know how to look for them and how to read the metaphors. Spirit speaks to us visually and in metaphors all the time. There may be a sign by the side of the road or a song on the radio. Someone will say just the right thing to you at the right time. It’s an amazing experience as you learn to develop a relationship with them. I feel there is a team of guides and even the Ascended Masters working with me for my highest good. It really got rid of a deep loneliness inside me when I first began to really know they are with me.

Thanks again for your inquiry. Maren

Q & A: Develop a Relationship with Your Guides

maren nelsonQuestion: Maren, how do you make initial contact with your spiritual guides? I read your blog today and am very excited by it! I meditate once a day and sometimes talk to God and He gives me advice or encouragement, but I don’t think I have come into contact with a spiritual guide in the way you mention. ~Scott

Answer: Good question, Scott. I’m pretty irreverent when I communicate with my guides. Sometimes I hear them laughing at me. They get a kick out of me, and I know they know the deep love and gratitude I have for them. I think mostly it’s your intention. They are always there for us. It’s us that need to open to them. I connect with them anywhere at any time. Sometimes I’ll sit quietly for a moment to center myself and connect. It’s pretty simple actually. In my mind, I usually start with, “Hey, you guys!” Thanks for your question.

Best, Maren

Develop a Relationship with Your Spirit Guides

I had gone through many experiences while growing up that made me believe in spirit guides through different things I had felt, seen, and heard, and even in dreams. In 1986 I began to consciously develop a relationship with them. I believed that by doing so, they could help me with my healing and in every area of my life. I was right.

I worked every day to learn to hear and feel them. I asked them to help me with this. I asked them to help me to learn to trust them and the information I was getting.

I asked them to help me to learn to differentiate what was coming from them versus my ego. This was tricky, and I still ask for help to this day to know when it’s them. I asked for signs to show me what was coming from them and help for me to see and understand the signs. My abilities grew stronger over time, and in 1994 they jumped to a whole new level.

I was living in Malibu and was doing breathwork. I had started my practice in 1987 and over time, had developed my own way of doing it beyond what I had been taught in my Practitioner/Teacher and Master Teacher certification programs.

One of the things I do is to invite in my clients and my spirit guides, Teachers and the Ascended Masters along with four of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael into the sessions. The Ascended Masters consist of different masters who have lived on the planet such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mary, and Quan Yin to name a few.

I can always feel the guides and Masters in the room in sessions and there have been many, many times when I have seen and heard them. They love to help with healing and they are really happy when someone begins to open up to them and to consciously work with them.

I would always ask for help from them during sessions, but I wouldn’t ask very much for help for me in my life. I had this crazy belief they must be too busy to help little, old me.

I went through a period when every day I could hear them say to me, “You’re not asking enough. You’re not asking enough.” I began to make sure I asked for help once a day. Again, I heard, “You’re not asking enough. You need to ask for help with everything”. Finally, when I trained myself to ask for help and guidance from them several times a day, I stopped hearing it. (They’re really good at helping me find something when I lose it.)

To this day there are times when I forget to ask for their help and guidance, but not often. When I do, as quickly as I can remember, I ask again. I even ask them to help me remember to ask for their help, and they do. I encourage you to develop a relationship with your guides and to ask for help with everything in your life. And you can ask your guides to help you remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations


I want to talk about something that I feel very strongly about. Our judgments about other people (and ourselves) can affect their ability to correct their misperceptions about themselves. If they can’t shift their misperceptions, they can’t shift their behaviors and heal.

It’s important to separate the “sin” from the “sinner”. This is the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt tells us, “You did a bad thing”. Shame tells us, “You are bad”.

Do you know that the word “sin” is actually an old archery term that means to miss the mark? If you make a mis-take, you get to do it over until you get it right.

Yet, most of us have been taught that a sin should be judged and punished. This belief may be so strong that we believe in our hearts a sin is punishable by banishment and/or death.

Now, I know there is a catch with this…Sometimes some people are so programmed and entranced with their misperceptions that they will do almost anything to hold onto them even if they are unhappy, and they make the people around them unhappy as well.

To shift these beliefs can actually feel terrifying because this is what they know. At an unconscious level they think, “If I’m not this, who am I?” They have forgotten what they are is Love.

What could happen to the world if instead of severe punishment, we offered love? What if we were to come up with better ways of helping one another heal our minds and hearts?

Of course, there are those people who have deep psychological issues and would need more help. There are those who are locked so deeply into their misperceptions they are violent and abusive. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take care of yourself when you’re around these people. I’m just saying I think there is a better way we can be in the world sharing this journey together.

I hope as I pass this information on and with the questions I’ve raised we can begin to see and experience each other and ourselves with more love and compassion. And as always, remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

The Belief In Separation

Couple-back-to-backI want to share with you something that I think will make a few of your heads spin, but I’ll go ahead anyway.

Everything in this world tells us that we are separated from each other. Even (or I should say, especially) our bodies seem to prove that this is true. We see someone over there, we feel other people and things and our bodies tell us we are separate.

The ego is based on the belief in separation…separation from others, the world, God, and our true Selves. This belief is literally insane. If we were separate from all that is, we wouldn’t exist.

The ego tells us we must defend the body from attack. We believe we must attack others to defend ourselves, and they attack back. We see fear and suffering all around and we believe this is how the world just is. We do not realize this is the world we have created through our egos.

However, there is another way of seeing things. It is through the recognition of what we really are which is Love. The way to create this shift in perception is by retraining of the mind.

As long as we experience ourselves in this world, we will have an ego. However, as we heal our minds of the belief in separation, we don’t allow the ego to run the show. We put Love back into the driver’s seat. We allow simple acts of kindness to the world and to ourselves to guide us.

We are not alone in this process of healing the mind. We have assistance and guidance available to us who can help us in every moment of every day. All we need to do is remember to ask for help with everything.

I choose to call this guidance God which, to me, is synonymous with Love. You can choose whatever higher power you want that works for you. Or…you don’t have to believe any of this and can choose to believe whatever you want.

I believe the only choice we have is how long we choose to stay in fear and suffering. Why wait? You can choose love over fear now. And, of course, always remember your passion.

Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations


I just wanted to make a short entry to say thank you to all of you for your supportive comments concerning my blog. The fact that I’ve just touched the surface with the information I’ve given you on emotional clearing and I’ve received such a positive response, has made me feel very excited about getting my book done so I can give you all much more in depth information, exercises and stories than what I’ve put in these posts.

I also want to reply to several comments that I’ve received from readers concerning their desire to donate to my blog. I have just recently added a “Donate” button through Paypal which you’ll find to the right of the pages if you wish to donate now. Perhaps this is how I’ll be able to get my book published is through your support. How ironic. I love it.

Some of you have asked what theme I use, etc. I use WordPress and yes, this theme is free. If you have any more questions and want a really great web guy, contact Martin Mancha at his website. He’s located in Los Angeles.

I will be putting up another post soon. I already know what I want to write about, and I think you’ll like it.

Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations


Right after coming back from my mother’s funeral, I knew I had to make a decision about moving by the first of May. I’ve lived in Phoenix and Los Angeles since 1988, most recently, in Phoenix. Although I love the slower pace there, my business has always done better in Los Angeles. A big part of me wanted to stay in Phoenix, but another part knew I would experience more growth for myself and my business in Los Angeles.

Honestly, I battled internally about where to be especially with the way the economy is. To move to LA would mean working to build up my practice, find a place to live…the list goes on. In short it would mean a leap of faith.

Then I remembered a statement I have in my workbook for my coaching program, and it helped. I’m honored to share it with you here:


To laugh is to risk appearing the fool. To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
To place your ideas, your dreams before a crowd, is to risk their loss.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try is to risk failure.
But risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing and is nothing.
They may avoid suffering and sorrow but they cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live.
Chained by their certitudes they are a slave. They have forfeited their freedom.
Only a person who risks is free.

So, I made the move to LA. My book is almost finished, and that will bring more changes and opportunities to risk. It feels a little scary not knowing how things will all work out.

One thing I’ve learned and sometimes, forget: It’s okay to be afraid. Just because I may feel fear, doesn’t mean what I’m afraid of is true. The feeling does need to be acknowledged however so that it can release.

I hope this statement is useful to you too. As you move through life, remember your passion.

Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

My Mother’s Passing

I know I haven’t put up a post for a while. My mother passed away recently, and I’ve been dealing with that on so many levels. I share so much with others about the emotional process. Yet, when it happens at such a personal level, it seems nothing can prepare you for such a loss.

Wow…the grieving process…I’ve talked in earlier posts about the 5 stages of healing. It’s obvious these are the stages we go through whenever we let go of anything…a loved one, a place, an issue, a belief, even those things that have not served us. We need to trust that process of letting go, and allow it to happen. Otherwise, we suppress and internalize all those feelings of grief.

I’ve had friends and clients share with me how hard the loss of a parent is and particularly your mother…the woman who gave birth to you. There is no way to fully understand until you go through it.

I want to express my deep love for my mother and how she affected my life.

I’m not concerned about her. I know she is in the Light…the light if Love….which I know and trust. Immediately, when I heard she had passed, I checked in and asked my guides and God about her, and I saw her in the light. There was no question about it. I saw her smiling. I felt her around all of the family and so did many of my sisters during the preparation process and funeral.

I am having so many realizations about the gifts she gave to me…to us…before and since her passing. I will share some of them soon. I hope for my family and loved ones, this information will help.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

How to Clear Emotions

In one of my previous posts I wrote about the art of manifesting and deliberate creation, aka: the law of attraction. The belief is that our feelings, not just our thoughts, create our reality.

When we feel different emotions, we emit powerful frequencies of energy from our bodies. Whatever emotion we are feeling that is the strongest, will be the one that will affect our experiences and what we are creating.

If we say and visualize that we want something wonderful but we are feeling fear, we will attract in more of what is causing the fear. If we are feeling passion, we will be more likely to attract in the positive experience or thing we originally intended.

Many of you may have been working to practice this, but have found it isn’t as easy as it sounds to bring up and feel positive emotions so that you can send out positive energy to create the life you truly want. Many of us were taught since we were young to suppress our emotions, “Don’t cry.” “Don’t be too happy…too sad…too anything.” With all of the unconscious, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions we carry, it may seem really difficult to shift our feelings.

It is possible to clear what you are holding in your body and unconscious mind so that your emotions don’t control you, your experiences, and what you create. After all these years of helping thousands of people including myself clear emotionally, I’ve learned a few things about emotions.

Although I’ll continue to share information here about how to work with emotions with my posts, I’m excited to share it in depth in my upcoming book. I’ll give you a lot of information and exercises that tell you specifically how to clear emotions, what to expect as you do, with a lot of stories to explain the different concepts. I’ll let you know when it will be coming out. It won’t be long…

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

The Healing Crisis

In this post, I want to talk about the Healing Crisis. Some of you may already understand what it is and the importance of it in relation to clearing emotions. Many people have to experience some kind of wake-up call to get them to realize they need to make changes in their lives. For most people, it does set a precedence for healing.

A healing crisis can come in many forms. It may come as a gentle urging from within to make positive changes, to losing a job that you’ve outgrown, divorce, and most difficult, a decline in health.

The healing crisis, it is the first step out of denial. The next is awareness. We need to pay attention to the messages coming from the crisis as guidance, and then we can make the necessary changes.

If we refuse to pay attention and make the necessary changes, the degree of difficulty with the next challenge will be in direct proportion to our resistance to grow. And they will keep coming until we finally do.

It takes courage, honesty and trust in the process of life, ourselves and God to be able to make changes in our lives to create our greatest fulfillment. I guarantee it’s always worth it.

I hope you enjoy all of my posts as they are a taste of what’s to come soon with my book I’m editing. If anyone wants to share my ideas, please make sure to give me credit for the information. Let me know what you think in the comments section of each particular post so that I know which ones impacted you. And oh yes, don’t forget to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations