Trust Your Gut!

Do you use social media to have other people make decisions for you? Or do you trust your own intuition when you need it in your life?

Are you in touch with your own inner guidance system?

The old phrase “trust your gut” still holds true today. Learning to trust your intuition is a skill that can be developed with practice.

There are three rules to follow when learning to trust yourself.

  1. Listen to your body: Your gastrointestinal area has neurotransmitters that deliver impulses to your brain. Then, you experience a physiological reaction like goose bumps or a knot in your stomach. These are known as somatic markers. They appear when you are in unknown territory or face uncertainty. Your body is giving you a signal.
  2. Draw from your experience: Combine what you have learned about yourself and the world, a.k.a. your life experience, along with what your body is telling you, and you have a powerful mix. Pay attention to what you feel! Is it positive or negative?
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice: Developing and learning to trust your intuition muscle is just like strengthening a regular muscle. Tune in to your physical sensations, your emotions, and your energy many times a day to learn to trust what you already know. It takes practice!

Once you learn to trust your own inner guidance system, then, if you still feel you want outer support, go ahead and check in with a friend or two, if you choose. Learning to listen to and rely on what your body is telling you will be a habit that will, eventually, become unconscious, once you’ve incorporated it into your life.

Live your passion,

Maren Nelson


It’s okay to feel all your feelings, including sadness and grief. Allow the healing tears to flow so that you feel cleansed and regenerated. Sorrow purifies your spirit.

Open to Catharsis! The process will take as long as it takes. It’s different for everyone.

When you allow yourself to feel your grief, you will create a space inside to allow in new life.

Both of my parents passed away in 2010; my mom in the spring, and Dad in the fall. After each one passed, I allowed myself to feel my emotions deeply. I was very grateful I had the Breathwork to help me clear emotions on a regular basis. I used it then, and I use it now.

I’ve heard that if a person allows themselves to feel their grief fully at the time a loss, it takes about two or three months to complete the grieving process. After two months, I felt a dark, heavy cloud of energy lift off of me. Immediately, I knew it was the grief leaving me. It happened both times. The grief was replaced with a feeling of completion with both of them.

Although I had forgiven my parents, long ago, I still had issues that developed from early experiences while growing up. The decision to go after my healing to make the corrections I needed, was my responsibility, not my parent’s. Forgiving my parents and correcting misperceptions and beliefs that I developed early on, were two separate aspects of my healing.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself as you heal your mind and remember love. As the old stagnation clears, your inner light has room to shine through more brightly than ever.

Live your passion,


Maren Nelson

Emotional Healing, Stage Three: Bargaining

You know you are in the bargaining phase of emotional healing if you are trying to negotiate things to try to make things right. You’re making deals in an effort to avoid the inevitable.

If you are bargaining, it’s a sign of progress.

You are moving toward acceptance of yourself, of others, and of life itself. You’re doing a great job!

Attempts to bargain indicate you still believe something can or should be done to change things, so they can be the way you think they ought to be.

You may bargain with God, or your Higher Power.

You may bargain at the end of a relationship.

You may try telling your partner and yourself, “I’ll change if you give me what I want.”

Bargaining is a normal phase of your healing process. In time, you will be able to release this phase to move to sadness and then, full acceptance of yourself, of your power, and of Life Itself.

Live your passion!


Maren Nelson

Emotional Healing, Stage Two: Anger

Here are two different ways anger may be expressed:

  • You use anger to control other people by making them feel guilty. You may have been taught by others, “To get what you want, you need to manipulate other people.” You use anger to control other people.

Anger you have denied or hidden shows up as passive aggression, meaning you won’t verbally say what you want or feel. Instead, you expect others to know. When they don’t, you withdraw your love in some way. When hidden anger has you in its grip, you may agree to do something you never intend to follow through on; or you go along with it and punish the other person for “making” you do it.

  • You use anger as a motivator. You utilize the fiery energy of anger to propel you forward. You use it to make the changes you need to that, otherwise, you might not have the will or energy to accomplish.

Two quick tips to release anger in a healthy way:

  1. Yell into a pillow and pound the bed or couch.
  2. Write a letter to the person you are angry with, fully expressing your feelings, both positive and negative. NEVER SEND THIS LETTER!!!

The more you heal your anger, the more frequently peace will come, and the longer it will stay.

Handling your anger in a healthy way can transform your relationships, both personal and professional.

Live with passion!


Maren Nelson

Stage One: Denial

Denial stems from fear. It is an attempt to hold situations, other people and ourselves in the status quo. When we refuse to accept things as they truly are, it hinders us from making the changes necessary to move forward and grow. We stagnate in a swamp of helpless dissatisfaction.

Denial is like a doughnut. If you hold the doughnut close to your eye, you see through the hole, but you don’t see the doughnut. You could even tell yourself, “There is no doughnut here. I can see just fine.”

One day, someone comes up to you, perhaps a good friend, and tells you, “You have a doughnut on your eye!” You reply, “No, I don’t have a doughnut on my eye. What are you talking about?”

Over time, other people tell you that you have a doughnut on your eye, but you still can’t see it.

One day, you finally realize you do indeed have a doughnut on your eye – and how silly you look with the darned thing.

You decide to do whatever it takes to correct it and remove it. That’s your cue to break out of your outdated beliefs and perceptions – and embrace change.

Change is the only constant you can rely on. Embrace it with courage and determination; and watch as it nourishes and replenishes your mind and your life.

Live your passion!

Maren Nelson

Keep It Light

In Chapter 5 of Ride the Emotional Wave, you will learn that:

You are never alone

You are never alone on this journey toward emotional mastery.

When you truly commit to healing your mind and emotions, you will have legions of angels, Spirit Guides, and Teachers assisting you. (I explain how to access and work with your Guides and Teachers in REW.)

Remember to ask your angels for help with everything! That is why they are here – to assist you along the way as you walk your life path. You just need to remember to ask them for help.

Remember to laugh

Another crucial key to your healing is to remember to laugh. Don’t take yourself, other people, your life or even this information too seriously. Laughter carries a very high vibration of life-force energy that can be used for healing.

As you release the crushing load of negativity generated by your ego, your energy will literally lighten up. You will have access to more life-force energy and the radiation from that light will help others remember their light too.

Enjoy the journey and your reawakening in spirit. And most of all, live your passion.


Maren Nelson

*To learn more about how to help yourself and those you love emotionally, check out “Ride the Emotional Wave: How to Create Wealth, Health & Love Through Emotional Mastery.”

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Awareness Is Half the Battle

Perhaps you have begun to take responsibility for your emotions. You see that it isn’t the world “out there” that’s causing conflict or lack in your life. You can see there’s something going on within you that needs to be corrected – but what? And how can it be changed?

I tell my clients, “Awareness is half the battle.” When you become aware of what’s been truly running your life and your emotions, and acknowledge that this is your life and these are your emotions – without blaming the world – that is taking emotional responsibility.

Here are some behaviors your ego just loves. They stem from fear, and it’s good to be aware of the extensive influence of fear when you heal emotionally:

  • Judgments and Projections: Remember, if you spot it in someone else; you’ve got it too.
  • Expectations and Control: The ego selfishly wants what it wants or is in fear and may try to control other people and force the desired outcome.
  • Minimizing and Justifying: This is the ego’s attempt to make obvious wrongs and misbehavior seem inconsequential or trivial
  • Shame and Blame: The ego likes to create stories of shame, blame and guilt to justify holding on to past hurts; a waste of time and energy
  • Poor Me: Ultimately, you are not a victim of anything or anyone. All oppression begins in the mind. You choose how you perceive and, thereby, experience everything in life.

When you begin your journey toward emotional mastery, remember:

  • Never skip steps: If you try, you’ll just have to go back and do the work at a later time. Life will make sure of it.
  • Avoid simply skimming the surface of your emotions: Get down to that subconscious stuff that holds you back, so you can clear it at the deepest level.
  • You’ve got to want it: You need to be committed to doing whatever it takes to heal yourself emotionally. Life will not ask you to do whatever it takes, but you need to be willing to.
  • You’re only done when you’re done: Issues will keep showing up in your life until you learn the true lessons they were meant to teach you. Hang in there. It’s worth it.
  • The process of healing emotionally will get easier as you keep going with healing and correcting your mind, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors.

To find out more about how to help yourself emotionally and those you love, check out my book, “Ride the Emotional Wave: How to Create Wealth, Health & Love Through Emotional Mastery.” Also, check out my Services on how I can assist you personally on your journey to emotional mastery.

And, as always, live your passion.

Maren Nelson

What is a Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis is your Wake-Up Call from the Universe, summoning you to wake up to life. These awakenings are not always fun or easy to go through. They are pushing you to grow in consciousness.

Most people need some kind of upheaval in their lives to begin recognizing that it’s time to:

  • Make corrections within their minds
  • Heal those places in their lives that don’t really work anymore.

This awakening may come as an illness, loss of a job, ending of a relationship, death of a loved one, and so on.

Your healing crisis may start out as a feeling of discontent, or a gentle whisper in the back of your mind. If you don’t pay attention then, the next time it may come as a nudge. The next time, you may feel like you got whacked upside your head. If you don’t pay attention and act then, it could come as a Mack Truck. You don’t want a Mack Truck. Those can be very painful.

Use your healing crisis as a catalyst to move forward in your life.

Use it as your sign from the Universe that’s it’s time to heal your mind and emotions.

It’s time to claim your authentic power – which is Love.

To find out more about what to do when you’re in a healing crisis, check out my book, “Ride the Emotional Wave: How to Create Wealth, Health & Love Through Emotional Mastery.” Also, check out my Services on how I can assist you personally.

And live your passion.


Maren Nelson

Where It All Begins

When you were born, you were indoctrinated into the mass consciousness of this world. Within your family, or the people you grew up with, there were agreements about what to believe and how to behave. These are called tribal agreements, forming a structure within which you can all coexist.

You have agreements with the world as a whole, as well as your race; your nation; your community; the people who share your religious or spiritual beliefs; your work associates and peers; your friends and family; your intimate relationships; and even with yourself.

Sometimes, these agreements grow outdated, or they just don’t work for you (and maybe everyone else) anymore.

Many erroneous beliefs developed from misperceptions at birth and early childhood, and got buried in your subconscious. They may be running your life as an adult, even – or especially – if you are not consciously aware of these hidden beliefs. They were formulated at a stage of life when you were incapable of understanding your experiences the way an adult does.

Many of these unconsciously held beliefs are irrational, and have created irrational behavior and drama in your life.

There is a way to clear the past, and all of the limiting misperceptions, beliefs and emotions you suppressed, so you can stop replaying the past and bring your energy and attention into the present.

When you are present, you will be more effective in every area of your life. It’s time to reexamine your beliefs and where they came from.

(Brief explanation of Chapter 1 from Ride the Emotional Wave)

With Love and Appreciation,

Maren Nelson

We’re Never Healed Alone

One of the first things I learned when I began my training in Breathwork was that we are never healed alone. Whenever we experience a shift in perception or consciousness that shifts our lives, the people who are closest to us will be affected also. This includes our families and close friends.

Even if you are thousands of miles away and experience some kind of personal healing, your loved ones will feel the effects. Time and space are an illusion. They may not be consciously aware of what has happened, but at some level they will know. I’ve had this happen hundreds of times for myself and my clients.

Many times I’ve been in a session with a client and I would have them visualize that person and tell them what they needed to say as though that person was right there. My client might experience a deep, profound love or forgiveness for that person. In that very moment, that person they were sending the psychic message to would call my client on the phone, leaving a message that they were thinking of them and felt a strong urge to call.

There have been times when I’ve wanted to tell someone close to me something that had shifted in my life but stopped from telling them because I knew they might not be able to hear it at that point in their life. However, I knew that they could receive the message at an unconscious level. I would  visualize my friend and send my conscious thought through  “The Psychic Hotline.”

I hope this message encourages you to know we are never healed alone, and to always remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson