Emotional Healing, Stage Two: Anger

Here are two different ways anger may be expressed:

  • You use anger to control other people by making them feel guilty. You may have been taught by others, “To get what you want, you need to manipulate other people.” You use anger to control other people.

Anger you have denied or hidden shows up as passive aggression, meaning you won’t verbally say what you want or feel. Instead, you expect others to know. When they don’t, you withdraw your love in some way. When hidden anger has you in its grip, you may agree to do something you never intend to follow through on; or you go along with it and punish the other person for “making” you do it.

  • You use anger as a motivator. You utilize the fiery energy of anger to propel you forward. You use it to make the changes you need to that, otherwise, you might not have the will or energy to accomplish.

Two quick tips to release anger in a healthy way:

  1. Yell into a pillow and pound the bed or couch.
  2. Write a letter to the person you are angry with, fully expressing your feelings, both positive and negative. NEVER SEND THIS LETTER!!!

The more you heal your anger, the more frequently peace will come, and the longer it will stay.

Handling your anger in a healthy way can transform your relationships, both personal and professional.

Live with passion!


Maren Nelson