Learn to Ride the Wave

If you are like most people, you were taught to suppress emotions from day one. Don’t be too loud. Don’t be sad! Don’t be angry! Don’t be too happy!

Perhaps, at other times, your emotions feel overwhelming and out of control, like a tidal wave that picks you up and carries you along, helpless in its grip.

Most of us had parents who didn’t understood emotions any more than their parents did, and neither did their parents, and so on. They were taught to deny or suppress their emotions. That’s what they taught us, because it was all they knew.

Honestly, most people don’t really understand their own emotions or other people’s, let alone how to help themselves emotionally.

Perhaps you have come to a point in your life when you realize it’s time to take responsibility for yourself and your life. You are willing to do whatever it takes to know peace. You are willing to do the work to heal your mind.

For the next 14 months, I’m going to be putting up posts every month based on the different chapters of my book, ”Ride the Emotional Wave: How to Create Wealth, Health & Love Through Emotional Mastery.”

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Directly dealing with your emotions, instead of denying or hiding from them, can seem frightening if you have never done it before – maybe a bit like a surfer just learning how to ride a wave.

However, once you get your emotional sea legs, the rewards of knowing you can handle yourself under difficult circumstances – even if they take you by surprise – are great:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Willingness to take inspired action
  • Opening your heart to love again
  • Taking a chance on learning something new that could change your life

My prayer is that you will enjoy all of these blessings, and more, as we walk this path of Emotional Mastery together.


With love and appreciation,

Maren Nelson