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How to Clear Emotions

In one of my previous posts I wrote about the art of manifesting and deliberate creation, aka: the law of attraction. The belief is that our feelings, not just our thoughts, create our reality.

When we feel different emotions, we emit powerful frequencies of energy from our bodies. Whatever emotion we are feeling that is the strongest, will be the one that will affect our experiences and what we are creating.

If we say and visualize that we want something wonderful but we are feeling fear, we will attract in more of what is causing the fear. If we are feeling passion, we will be more likely to attract in the positive experience or thing we originally intended.

Many of you may have been working to practice this, but have found it isn’t as easy as it sounds to bring up and feel positive emotions so that you can send out positive energy to create the life you truly want. Many of us were taught since we were young to suppress our emotions, “Don’t cry.” “Don’t be too happy…too sad…too anything.” With all of the unconscious, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions we carry, it may seem really difficult to shift our feelings.

It is possible to clear what you are holding in your body and unconscious mind so that your emotions don’t control you, your experiences, and what you create. After all these years of helping thousands of people including myself clear emotionally, I’ve learned a few things about emotions.

Although I’ll continue to share information here about how to work with emotions with my posts, I’m excited to share it in depth in my upcoming book. I’ll give you a lot of information and exercises that tell you specifically how to clear emotions, what to expect as you do, with a lot of stories to explain the different concepts. I’ll let you know when it will be coming out. It won’t be long…

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

The Healing Crisis

In this post, I want to talk about the Healing Crisis. Some of you may already understand what it is and the importance of it in relation to clearing emotions. Many people have to experience some kind of wake-up call to get them to realize they need to make changes in their lives. For most people, it does set a precedence for healing.

A healing crisis can come in many forms. It may come as a gentle urging from within to make positive changes, to losing a job that you’ve outgrown, divorce, and most difficult, a decline in health.

The healing crisis, it is the first step out of denial. The next is awareness. We need to pay attention to the messages coming from the crisis as guidance, and then we can make the necessary changes.

If we refuse to pay attention and make the necessary changes, the degree of difficulty with the next challenge will be in direct proportion to our resistance to grow. And they will keep coming until we finally do.

It takes courage, honesty and trust in the process of life, ourselves and God to be able to make changes in our lives to create our greatest fulfillment. I guarantee it’s always worth it.

I hope you enjoy all of my posts as they are a taste of what’s to come soon with my book I’m editing. If anyone wants to share my ideas, please make sure to give me credit for the information. Let me know what you think in the comments section of each particular post so that I know which ones impacted you. And oh yes, don’t forget to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations


Over the years, I’ve found it interesting that many people don’t know what the term “boundaries” means. If they don’t know what boundaries means, how can they know what healthy vs. unhealthy boundaries are?

I dated a fellow many years ago with whom I often felt overstepped my boundaries in the relationship. I felt he was trying to control me much of the time. I would talk to him about it, but every time I did, his eyes would glaze over. I could see he didn’t know what I was talking about.

Several years after we broke up, I ran into him. During our conversation, he admitted to me he never knew what I was talking about when we were together when I talked about boundaries. He actually thought I wanted to draw a line down the middle of the room with him on one side and me on the other. He had learned differently since then. We both had a good laugh over of that.

Most of us were taught boundaries (or not) within our families while we were growing up. If we were not respected as individuals with rights of our own as children, we may have come to believe this is just the way things are. We learn not to respect ourselves and other people. We may not even be aware this behavior doesn’t allow for healthy relationships.

To create healthy boundaries you need:

  1. Respect for yourself and others.
  2. Don’t assume, project your will, or try to control others.
  3. Good communication skills.
  4. Set up ground rules that you and the people within your relationships agree to.
  5. Complete your agreements with yourself and others.
  6. If the agreements you have made with yourself and others don’t work for you for whatever reason, be honest about what it is you need and come up with a new agreement that works that everyone agrees to.

I can’t begin to share with you the importance of creating healthy boundaries in your life. You will gain a deeper sense of trust, personal integrity, and self worth as all of your relationships, both business and personal, improve.

In my upcoming book, I devote an entire chapter to boundaries. I hope you enjoy all of my posts as they are a taste of what’s to come soon. If anyone wants to share my information, please make sure to give me credit.Thanks.

Let me know what you think in the comments section of each particular post. And oh yes, don’t forget to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

“Emotions & Change”

I’ve had a few friends contact me since my last post letting me know how much it meant to them. It seems the process of change can be difficult for many people.

There is something I want to add about the process of change that most people don’t know. It is core to our beliefs about change and can stop us in evolving into the kind of people we want to be. It can stop us from experiencing the love, joy, abundance and fun that we deserve.

When many of us were born, it was a frightening and painful experience. We came from an environment of having all of our needs met, simply floating in our small, little world. We heard the constant rhythm of our mother’s heartbeat. We felt what our mother experienced emotionally, but for the most part, we were at peace.

Birth for most of us was frightening and painful. This first real change was quite literally life and death. Later, we unconsciously associate any change with this early experience, and that fear can stop us.

Simply knowing this little piece of information can help anytime we have a decision to make. As I shared in my last post, every change is like a little death, but doesn’t have to be viewed as bad. Sometimes, it is simply fear of the unknown.

I encourage you to expand your horizons and your comfort zone, and don’t forget to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Life Breath Integrations

“The Five Stages of Healing”

I want to thank everyone for your support and prayers over my recent surgery. All went well as I knew it would. The recovery time is taking longer than it might for some people because it was an issue I’ve had as long as I can remember.

Before the surgery, I prayed and asked God and my Spirit Guides to help me to heal as much as I could not just physically, but emotionally too. I knew there would be a lot of energy that I had been holding in my hip that would release before, during and after the surgery, and there was.

In Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ information on death and dying, she reveals the stages a person goes through as they grieve. These five steps: denial, anger, bartering (negotiation), sadness, and acceptance, are also the same steps we go through whenever we let go of anything whether it’s a person, a place, an issue, or a belief.

I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times when a client releases something that is limiting them or holding them back, and they still experience the same steps. For instance, they may feel a deep sadness about letting go of a belief that they’re not good enough and wonder why they feel this way. It can feel like letting go of an old friend even though it’s something they want to let go of. I let them know this is all part of the process. I encourage them to feel the sadness, and let go.

I experienced these steps with my surgery. The problem in my hip had been with me so long, it felt like a part of who I was. In allowing the process to happen, it meant I would have to shift how I see myself in some ways. This shift in self-identity is an experience of letting go of who I thought I was so that I can open to being more of all that I can be. I have experienced the full range of emotions with this, but I know it’s important that I do so that I can move on.

As we begin to heal emotionally, we will experience a shift in self-identity. Some people may be afraid that, “If I let this go, then who am I?” That can feel very threatening to many people and they stop the work. However, if we stay with the process and shift how we’re seeing it, the experience can be the adventure of our lives. And don’t forget to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Life Breath Integrations

“Manifesting & Emotions”

maren nelsonWith well over a million copies sold of “The Secret”, it is becoming commonly understood it is our feelings, not just our thoughts that create our reality. If we want a particular positive outcome with something we choose to manifest (or not) in our lives, our emotions must be in alignment with those that we would experience if we actually had that thing or event right now in this moment. The energy and focus we put into this meditation, creates a vacuum that draws to us the thing we want to create.

Not only is it possible to practice this art of deliberate creation on our own, we can also enlist others to focus their positive thoughts and emotions to increase the power of the “prayer” we are working on. I want to practice that with you now if you are willing to play along with me. I’m going to share with you my “script” of the outcome I want after an upcoming surgery.

“I just got back from the gym. I’m back to my full workout of lifting weights and doing 30 to 45 minutes of cardios four to six times a week. I’ve even started back to yoga. I feel fabulous! I feel stronger and better fit than I’ve felt in years. Because I have good muscle memory from the years I was able to work out, I’ve been able to get back in shape within just a few short months. Those endorphins are working, and I feel happy and energized most of the time.

I feel sooooo grateful I was able to get this done. Everything fell right into place with the insurance and finding the perfect doctor. I have friends and loved ones who graciously helped me before and after the surgery physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

Not only is the pain in my right hip gone, I’ve been able to heal and let go of the energy of certain beliefs about myself and my life that I was holding in that area of my body. The hip is about moving forward in life and the right side of the body is masculine. To me, healthy masculine energy is about direction and purpose. What this means for me is that my business has blossomed, and oh, how I love sharing the breathwork and writing and speaking about emotional clearing.

I feel balanced and centered in my life too. My leg was slightly shorter than the other, and now, it’s not. I love how this whole process played out. This experience is evidence to me that I am being watched over and that everything happens for a reason (even if I don’t always know what that is in the moment).”

Hold me in your prayers and your positive thoughts and feelings for the success of this event that I already know will turn out well. I feel deeply blessed that I have so many friends, clients and loved ones I get to share and experience this wonderful journey called life with. And as always, remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Life Breath Integrations

“What Do You Want?”

As I sat across from my friend, I could see he was feeling troubled about what to do with his life. “All these years, I’ve done everything everyone told me would bring me happiness. I worked hard and got good grades in school, went to college and got my degree. I got a good job and got married. Within a few years, we had a couple of kids…but, somehow, I feel like I was lied to.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “I don’t really feel fulfilled with my life, and I don’t know what to do about it”, he said.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this or something similar from people. For me, the response was simple. “Well, what do you want?” He looked dumbfounded. “I…I…I don’t know what I want. No one has ever asked me that before.”

Now, this was a very smart, well educated man. He had experienced a level of success in his life with running his own business with several employees for over a decade. Yet, here he was at a loss as to what he really wanted. I saw his mind wander as he began to think about the possibilities.

I suggested to him that he make a few lists:
• What do you want?
• What do you love?
• What are you good at?

“Some of the things may be the same on the different lists, and that’s okay. For instance, I love loving people, and I’m good at it. Write things that may not seem relevant. When I first did this, I wrote things like I love to hike in the woods, and I love good sex. Let the little kid in you come out, and have fun with this. See it as an adventure not as a chore. Then, if you’re really committed to getting clear on this, write a new list every week.

As the lists get longer, start breaking them out into categories like career and relationships, including friendships. What kind of car do you want? Do you want to travel and where? If you want a house, how many rooms does it have? Does it have windows? What color is the carpet, or does it have hard wood floors? Get specific!” I could see his eyes light up as we talked like something deep inside had been awakened.

I was first guided to do these lists when I was 26 years old. I didn’t know I could want anything for myself, and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted. My lists were pretty pathetic in the beginning. I knew I was good at loving people, but how do you make a living at that.

Within a matter of weeks of doing this, I went in for my first breath session. Halfway through, I realized it was everything I’d put out on my lists in the way of a career. I wouldn’t have known or allowed myself to do this if I hadn’t written those lists. Here I am after all these years still loving what I do, and it’s such an expression of who I am.

If you’re up to it, I encourage you to do this for yourself, and let me know how it works for you. Don’t forget to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Life Breath Integrations

“Emotions and the Future”

I shared a little bit with you in my last post about the importance of healing the past so that you can bring your attention and focus into the present moment. What about the future and how your feelings about it pulls you out of the present moment? How does that affect your ability to create what you want?

The difficulty many of us get into with this is that oftentimes, the emotions we feel about future events are actually negative. You may believe you are feeling positive emotions about the future and what you want to manifest, but your drive to create a particular affect is motivated by fear. This undermines your attempts to create a more positive outcome.

It may be that you don’t want what you are experiencing in your life now or that you want something you think is better. Again, your non-acceptance of the present is keeping you out of feelings of gratitude and locked into emotions that carry lower, denser vibrations that bring you more negative experiences.

There is a sense of bliss in every moment, every situation, and every emotion you experience (even the ones you label as bad) depending on how you choose to see it. When you shift your perceptions about anything, the emotion will shift. When you send out higher frequencies of emotions such as love, acceptance, and gratitude, the experience, person, etc, is allowed to shift (or leave). So, how do you do this?

You can simply ask God, Love, the universe, the Goddess, Source (whatever you choose to call your Higher Power) to help you to see things differently. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily your emotions will shift just by asking.

Sometimes, there may be a process of healing your mind that needs to take place for this perceptual shift to happen. The change must happen within you first. Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for everything in your life and know that whatever you are experiencing is there to teach you. Perhaps, the lesson is acceptance and compassion for all things.

This simple request has worked for me over and over again. Let me know how it works for you in the comments area here on my site. And don’t forget to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

“Emotions and Present Time”

You may be wondering how being in the present moment has anything to do with emotions. The only emotion you are capable of in present time is love. If you’re experiencing anything other than love (or similar emotions), you’re not in present time. You’re either in the past or the future and neither of them exist right now.

I used to spend a lot of time in the past. It was a habit, and I wasn’t even aware I was doing it most of the time. I didn’t know I had identified with things that I had experienced as that was who I was. I can honestly say in many ways I saw myself as a victim. Believing that about myself did not add to my happiness in any way.

When I became conscious of this, I simply made a decision I didn’t want to be a victim anymore. By changing my perception of myself, I could change my experiences in the present moment. To do so, I had to take responsibility for my life.

I made a decision that I wanted to create my life in such a way I’d want to be here now in this body, on this planet. I said a prayer to ask God to help me with this. I worked hard on forgiving my past and some of the people involved, and most of all myself. As I did, I noticed not only was I a lot more present to each, new moment and what was happening for me, I was enjoying my life a whole lot more too. I felt more and more gratitude simply for what is, and gratitude is the basis for creating the next moment and the next to be more fulfilling, joyful and fun.

Of course, some times things happen in life that can throw me off, but the more present I am, the better I can handle life’s challenges. I can more easily move into solutions instead of staying stuck in the complaint. Then, I can get back into gratitude as I see those challenges are all part of my growth, and they don’t throw me off the way they used to…well, until they do, and I have to work at it again. But hey, that’s the beauty of life. We keep growing and healing our perceptions (which are based on the past and what we’ve been taught), and it does get easier.

In this moment, what brings me pleasure is to share with you now. It is my passion and my purpose to share love. And I will always remind you to remember your passion.

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations

“Breath and Emotions”

Air is life and breath, a measure of living. Have you ever noticed the first thing you do when you’re afraid is that you hold your breath? And the first thing you do when you feel strong and in your power? You take a deep breath. You suppress emotions by shutting down your breathing. Shallow breathing is a sure sign you are in fear and not in present time. If your breathing is shallow, so is your life.

Many of us are shallow breathers. We were taught to suppress our emotions early on in life. We have frequently heard commands such as, “Don’t cry”, “You shouldn’t feel that way”, etc. When we suppress our emotions, all the energy that goes into them doesn’t magically disappear. It gets pushed into our bodies and trapped at a cellular level and congests over time. This puts a lot of stress on us and eventually, our bodies break down with disease.

There is an extremely simple trick I have shared with many of my friends and clients over the years, and I’m glad to share it with you now. Every time (and I mean every time) you catch yourself holding your breath, remind yourself to take a deep breath. Start training yourself immediately! Don’t stop until you don’t have to even remind yourself anymore, and it becomes unconscious and a habit!

A good friend and client of mine who is running a few successful businesses told me this is one of the most powerful things I’ve shared with him. He’ll be sitting in a business meeting, and he’ll look around the room at the other people. Everyone else seems to be holding their breath with fear and stress. He’ll remember to take a deep breath and immediately, feels his energy open up, and he relaxes. He’s able to get into the present moment where everyone is more effective.

Breathing is a metaphor for how we live our lives. Remember to breathe in the gift of life, and don’t forget to…

Remember your passion!

Best, Maren Nelson
Minister of Mind/Body Healing
Life Breath Integrations